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Bitcoin in El Salvador: Bukele seeks for the Central American country to be the first in the world to convert the cryptocurrency into a legal tender

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Bukele says his initiative will create jobs and increase inclusion.

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced this Saturday that he will send a bill to Congress to give Bitcoin the status of legal tender in his country.

“Next week I will send to Congress a law that will convert Bitcoin into legal tender in El Salvador,” said the president in a video released during the Bitcoin 2021 conference, which takes place in Miami, considered one of the largest meetings on cryptocurrencies of the world.

The president assured that he was looking for ideas around the world that would serve to prepare his country for the future and that he considered that Bitcoin could be one of them.

This measure would make the Central American country the first in the world to adopt this cryptocurrency as legal tender, according to the BBC correspondent in Central America, Will Grant.

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