Saturday, October 16

Bitter Christmas – Information

They want to share the balls of the tree and the marzipan with people. They are not willing to Ximo Puig and nobody spoils the party for them. Annual nougats aren’t sweet now, and polvorones can cause choking. Dinners and feasts with family or friends as something unavoidable? Do we need more evidence to act differently today? Why do everything possible to put together the nativity scene and the marimorena?

I do not think that the fraternity at Christmas time will contribute to quelling the political flames that we have been enjoying in this first year of the legislature marked by the coronavirus. The tension is also contagious. In the coalition government there are tensions without the blood reaching the river and without this leading to governmental instability. The colleagues of PSOE and United We can lose public support in favor of the right and of a PP whose main merits are in having unintentionally promoted the Kitchen investigation commission and in the uproar of every day, among other feats that benefit both to the population as it is easy to see. These days they will play the zambomba, the tambourine and the tambourine so that the murga is total.

Sánchez, still in quarantine, and Iglesias They will take hard nougat, despite the fact that the Council of Ministers throws confetti and approves the extension of the decree to prohibit evictions, the recovery of the «social shield», which prevents the cutting of water, electricity and natural gas to the most vulnerable, or aid to the hospitality industry. The two will continue to air differences in the matter of the interprofessional minimum wage or in relation to the new pension reform. “Do not be stubborn, Pablo,” suggests the Minister spokesman for the Executive, Maria Jesus Montero, because Iglesias gets on the donkey of the portal, does not get out of there and asks, apparently, a lot of bonus from the socialists.

The approval of the budgets makes Moncloa a happy Christmas to a certain extent. It is known that after the storm between partners, comes the resolution of conflicts in some way. Justice and Economy introduce a formula, in the matter of evictions, that compensates the banks and the vulture funds if they demonstrate an economic damage. With the permission of Podemos for the matter to go ahead, even with a stick figure of the holy innocents on his back.

Investigating the finances of the emeritus in Congress is a story that will remain untouched before the lions, thanks to the clamp formed by PSOE, PP and Vox. Juan Carlos I he will have turkey, baked sea bream and bitter dumplings on Christmas Eve, which will not be his big night. Five or six stars, yes, in Abu Dhabi. It is not a question of monarchy or republic, but of social and economic democracy. This is what the unions are aiming for, while throwing picapica powder on the bosses. Anyway. The state of alarm will soften it Santa claus with a bag of vaccines, and the message of Felipe VI will congratulate us on Easter by singing “ropo pom pomp” from more than two meters away.

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