Monday, June 27

Black fungus: they detect a case of mucormycosis in someone infected with covid-19 in Uruguay

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A 50-year-old man who had overcome covid-19 was infected with the fungus that causes mucormycosis, the newspaper reported Wednesday. The country From Uruguay.

According to the newspaper, the infectologist who is treating the patient, Dr. Henry Albornoz, indicated that the individual, who also suffers from diabetes, began to show signs of the fungal infection about 10 days after having overcome covid 19.

The patient – who had been admitted to the capital, Montevideo – was subjected to laboratory tests and these confirmed that he was infected with mucormycosis, he indicates. The country.

Dr. Albornoz pointed out, however, that it is not possible to specify if it is the first case in Uruguay because mucormycosis is not reported as an exclusive event among patients with covid-19.

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