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Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane defend Stan Bowman after interview with Kyle Beach

Following the Blackhawks’ 3-2 overtime loss to the Leafs on Wednesday night, Captain Jonathan Toews and Assistant Captain Patrick Kane spoke to the media. The pair, who were on the 2010 Stanley Cup team, addressed not only the independent investigation into the Blackhawks’ handling of the sexual assault allegations against video coach Brad Aldrich, but also the early-evening disclosure. that Kyle Beach was “John Doe.”

“I know Kyle pretty well,” Kane said from home. It has been on the COVID protocol since October 23. “He seemed like a carefree guy. I wish back then we could have done a few different things or knew a few different things to help him.”

Toews, who was activated from the COVID protocol about half an hour before the game after entering the protocols on Monday, defended now-former general manager Stan Bowman and executive Al MacIsaac.

“For me, Stan and Al, make whatever argument they want, they are not direct complicit in the activities that happened,” Toews said. “It is not my place to comment on whether they would like to deal with it differently or not. I just know them as people and have had a long time relationship and friendship with them as part of the Blackhawks family.”

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The Blackhawks captain continued to emphasize his regards to the former executives, calling them “good folks” and saying that he still has a degree of respect for both Bowman and MacIsaac.

“People like Al and Stan have made coming to the Blackhawks, with league players coming to play for this team, one of the special places to play hockey,” he said. “For me, I have a lot of respect for them as people. How the situation developed, what was the schedule, what did they know, I can’t really comment on that. Obviously it’s a difficult day.”

“Regardless of the mistakes that may have been made, someone like Stan, who has done so much for the Blackhawks, and also for Al, losing everything they care about and their livelihoods … I don’t understand how that makes him go away. … I have a lot of respect for them as people. They are good people. When it comes to how they feel looking back at the situation, it is not my place to comment. “

The investigation determined that both Bowman and MacIsaac had knowledge of the May 8 or 9 meeting between Beach and Aldrich after participating in a meeting on May 23, 2010, hours after the Blackhawks advanced to the Stanley Cup final. Then-team president John McDonough did not report the allegations to human resources for three weeks after the team won the Stanley Cup.

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“I knew Stan very well,” Kane said. “I knew him as a great man. He did a lot for me personally, coming into the league and over the course of my career, I’m sure he would have handled things a little differently today.”

“But what happened, happened in the past and I think the organization made the right moves to move the Blackhawks in the right direction.”

Kane and Toews claim they did not know what happened during the Stanley Cup race. Toews acknowledged that he heard “something he didn’t take very seriously at the time” on Day 1 of Blackhawk training camp in 2010. Kane said he heard vague rumors.

Beach strongly defends the statements that the players learned during their interview with TSN’s Rick Westhead: “The word got out pretty quickly. I think everyone in that locker room knew because the comments were made in the locker room, they were made on ice, they were they did around the arena with different people from different backgrounds: players, staff, media in attendance. “


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