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Blind date: ‘We stayed out until curfew’ | Dated

Chris in Tania

What did you expect?
Some interesting, calm and engaging conversation, with good food.

First impressions?
Reet petite, warm smile, very present and super cute.

What did you talk about?
Not knowing half the things on the menu, Thailand’s prisons, pyramids, mushy veggies (not related to restaurants), left-wing bantz, Richard Curtis movies, college, and of course dogs.

Any awkward moment?
When the bartender did that old-fashioned thing of letting the man taste the wine first.

Good table manners?
Better than mine, but he managed to lift his fork majestically from the table. And he ate his main dish with a spoon, so call it a giveaway.

The best of Tania?
She has amazing eyes and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.

Would you introduce it to your friends?
For sure.

Describe Tania in three words
Smart, present, charming.

What do you think he made of you?
Hopefully someone who’s been open, calm, listens well, and has a decent story or two.

Did you go somewhere?
The 10 p.m. curfew meant there was no chance.

If it was not for social distancing, would you have kissed?
Maybe not tonight, after the amount of truffle we both had!

If you could change one thing at night, what would it be?
A better outdoor heater.

Marks over 10?

Would you meet again?
I would love to.

Questions and answers

Do you want to be on a blind date?

to show

Blind Date is Guardian Weekend magazine’s dating column: Every week, two strangers get together for dinner and drinks, and then they tell us the beans and answer a series of questions. This is published, with a photograph we take of each person quoted before the date, in Guardian Weekend magazine (in the UK) and online at every Saturday. It has been running since 2009; You can read all about how we make it here.

What questions will they ask me?
We ask about age, location, occupation, hobbies, interests and the type of person you are looking to meet. If you think these questions do not cover everything you would like to know, please let us know what you have in mind.

Can I choose who to match?
No, it’s a blind date! But we ask you a bit about your interests, preferences, etc., the more you tell us, the better the match.

Can I choose the photograph?
No, but don’t worry: we will choose the most beautiful ones.

What personal data will appear?
Your name, job and age.

How do I respond?
Honestly but respectfully. Consider how it will read for your date, and that blind date reaches a large audience, both in print and online.

Will I see the other person’s responses?
No. We can edit yours and theirs for a variety of reasons, including length, and we may ask for more details.

Will you find me the one?
We will try! Marriage! Babies!

Can I do it in my hometown?
Only if you are in the UK. Many of our applicants live in London, but we would love to hear from people who live elsewhere.

How to apply
Email [email protected]

Tania on Chris

What did you expect?
An exciting night in the middle of a global pandemic.

First impressions?
Lovely smile. Great scouse accent.

What did you talk about?
Our best travel anecdotes, suffragette sex strikes (the subject of my research), our favorite books.

Any awkward moment?
Chris suggested we share main courses, which I was really looking forward to, but when the food arrived we realized we hadn’t thought about how to make it Covid-safe. However, we solved it.

Good table manners?

The best of Chris?
His laugh, his stories and the way he made me feel at ease.

Would you introduce it to your friends?
Of course! He has an anecdote on how to find a lost drone that it would be impossible not to find convincing.

Describe Chris in three words
Charming, fun, interesting.

What do you think he made of you?
That I’m a bit obsessed with both suffragettes and Love Actually, which, to be fair, is true.

Did you go somewhere?
No, but we stayed in the restaurant until almost ten at night.

If it was not for social distancing, would you have kissed?
We parted with the unromantic glow of the fluorescent tube lights, so I don’t think so.

If you could change one thing at night, what would it be?
Would have left more room for dessert. I keep thinking about the rest of that dreamy panna cotta limoncello.

Marks over 10?

Would you meet again?
You never know: our main shared interest was travel, so perhaps in a post-Covid world we find ourselves on top of a mountain.

• Chris and Tania ate at Chucs Belgravia, London SW1, before Lock 2. They were photographed separately for this image. Fancy a blind date? Email [email protected]

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