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Blue Ivy Carter: Beyoncé’s empire becomes a dynasty | People

When a pop star gets into politics, they usually hit a bump, except if your name is Beyoncé. Five years ago, the American superstar turned his career around with his album Lemonade, and the play not only came out round in sales and recognition, but also anticipated the history of his country and the current world, which today has racial inequality, social justice and feminism as protagonists. The diva from Houston has become in this five years a benchmark for African Americans and black women around the world, with an added bonus. It is not simply because of her success, her beauty, or her voice. It is because of its message, each day more combative in defense of the Black Lives Matter movement. An activism that has not stopped due to the pandemic. In 2020 he launched the theme Black Parade, precisely on the day that Black Lives Matter has chosen to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved blacks, June 19.

The subject has earned him one of the four Grammy Awards he took home last week. With the other three, she reached 28 victories in the most important music awards, becoming the most awarded female artist in history, remaining just three from the global absolute record held by the conductor Georg Solti. In addition to such a milestone, Beyoncé left the gala especially happy because another of the gramophones shared it with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, the oldest of the three she has with Jay Z. At age nine, the girl became the second youngest person in history to win a Grammy. The vast empire of the Knowles-Carter is already in relief.

Blue Ivy Carter triumphed in the category of best music video. The little girl stars in the clip of Brown Skin Girl. A theme again with an egalitarian message in which the minor sings part of the verses at the beginning and at the end, and in which the artists SAINt JHN and WizKid also participate. At her age, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s eldest daughter is determined to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Accustomed to fame since she was born, the little girl has a stylist and personal shopper own. A life according to that of a crown princess of the kings of the music industry, seated on that throne since the beginning of the last decade and who, despite the coronavirus, continue to grow artistically and entrepreneurially so far this year.

The fortune accumulated by the 39-year-old singer is 400 million euros, according to the magazine Forbes. In addition to his records and concerts, he has turned everything he has played into gold. He created a fragrance that became the best-selling of all that a famous person has given a name and face, and it has also done well in businesses such as healthy food. He runs a vegan food delivery company and energy shakes and bars called 22 days nutrition.

Her other great business is shared with her husband, with whom she has a net worth of almost 1,100 million. Queen Bey owns part of the Tidal platform, although it is owned by Project Panther Ltd., which is owned by Jay Z. This music service in streaming It has not caught on in territories like Europe, but it has in the United States. Unlike its competitors, Tidal is offered as the way to listen to music in digital format with perfect quality and with high definition videos. It houses almost 60 million songs and 150,000 video clips.

Apart from companies, at the center of everything is Beyoncé’s music and what moves her image and her artistic proposal, today defined by feminism and the war against racism. From his fashion style and hairstyle, with clear tribal references, to a sound full of influences from African music, passing through a very direct message of denunciation. Also outside of music. When he picked up his golden gramophone, he remembered that Black Parade he wanted to honor “the beautiful black kings and queens.” The empress of music once again made it clear that she is going to continue fighting, five years after proclaiming that “the least respected people in America are black women.” And when you don’t, your daughter will take care of it. The empire is already a dynasty.

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