Tuesday, February 7

Blue Jackets’ Adam Boqvist eager to put health issues in the past

The NHL gives young defensemen a lot of challenges to face before they become dependent assets.

Succeeding in board battles, especially if the player is undersized, can be a tall order. Learning to “gap up” against oncoming rushes isn’t easy, and neither is defending NHL forwards as the lone guy back. Defensemen also need to develop a feel for when to pinch low in the offensive zone and when to stay near the blue line, which can be often the difference between a goal one way or the other.

Adam Boqvist is trying to work on all of those areas with the Blue Jackets, but the biggest hurdle for the 21-year old defenseman is staying healthy. Boqvist will restart his season for the third time Wednesday against the Calgary Flames after being activated off the team’s COVID-19 protocols list.


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