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Blue Origin will launch Orbital Reef, a space business park for business and tourism, into orbit

Orbital Reef is enabled to undertake any type of activity in space.

Photo: Blue Origin / Courtesy

There is no doubt that the future is approaching faster than we thought, Blue Origin and Sierra Space announced their plans to create Orbital Reef, a commercially developed and operated space station that will be built in low Earth orbit and will begin operating in the second half of this decade.

Orbital Reef will function as a “mixed-use business park” in the space, with a shared infrastructure to meet the property needs of diverse tenants and visitors.

Each structure in the space will feature human-centered architecture with world-class services and amenities that are inspiring, practical and safe, according to Blue Origin.

The properties will have everything to scale economic activity and open new markets in space. They will have reusable space transportation, intelligent design, automation and advanced logistics.

According to a statement from Blue Origin, the structures will minimize cost and complexity for owners, allowing a wide range of users to pursue their goals.

Orbital Reef’s open system architecture will allow any customer or nation to connect and scale to meet their particular demands, as it will have docking modules, vehicle ports and public services.

Orbital Reef’s business model will make things easier for customers and is designed to support a diverse portfolio of uses. The team has all the services and systems to meet the needs of emerging customers, including researchers, manufacturers, and visitors.

According to Blue Origin, everyone has a place on Orbital Reef, as its versatility allows it to be used by experienced space agencies, high-tech consortia, sovereign nations without space programs, travel companies, media, entrepreneurs, inventors and investors with a vision for the future.

The plan is designed to open up multiple new markets in space, Orbital Reef will give anyone the opportunity to set their own direction in orbit.

The station will open the next chapter of human space exploration and development and is backed by space industry leaders, including Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University.

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