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BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé; versatile sportsmanship

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé; versatile sportsmanship

Since BMW made the decision to reorder its Series around new numbering, the pairs became the most sporting offer of the German firm. A moment in which the number 4 acquired special importance, since it was chosen to identify its range of medium-size coupes, until that moment framed in the Series 3.

But the search for greater practicality and comfort has brought with it an evolution of a concept like that of coupes, previously exclusively linked to three-door body configurations. And the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is a clear example.

Third proposal «4»

The current generation of the 4 Series is now reinforced with its second Gran Coupé proposal. A model that is presented as the third variant «4» together with the Coupés and CabrioCabrio, and that represents more than 50% of the sales of this Series of the German firm.

In this way, the revolutionary image of the Serie 4 Now launched two years ago, it already looks in a Gran Coupé that has gained in size compared to its predecessor, to show improved levels of interior habitability and an even more reinforced sporty character.

A cabin for five passengers

The gain in dimensions of the 4 Series Gran Coupé compared to its predecessor is also accompanied by a wheelbase now 46 millimeters mayr. all this has an impact on a more spacious and comfortable interior and in which, unlike the four seats of the Coupé and Cabrio, it can accommodate five passengers.

In addition, the load capacity of the trunk has grown to 470 liters (39 more than the previous model) and can be expanded to a maximum of 1,290 liters by completely folding down the split rear seats in 40/20/40 proportions.

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The command post is chaired by the Series 4 control panel and, as an option, the BMW Live Cockpit Professional with 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 10.25-inch center screen.

In terms of aesthetics, this model adopts on its front the oversized double kidney of the current Series 3 and 4, to which he adds details such as narrow Led headlights, the active grill, the frameless windows on the four doors in which the flush handles also stand out, or the air intakes «Air Breathers» located behind the front wheel arch and extend along the entire side of the body.

At the rear, LEDs are also used for the taillights and a new diffuser in which they fit is launched. rounded tailpipes, what happens to be hexagonal in the versions with the finish M Performance.

Serie 4 Gran Coupé M440i xDrive

And precisely one developed by this department is in charge of being at the top of the 4 Gran Coupé range. It’s about the new All-wheel drive M440i xDrive equipped with an in-line six-cylinder gasoline engine 374 CV, to which are added other specifications from the M Sport factory such as the differential, the suspensions or the exhaust, in addition to a final price of 75.900 euros.

The initial range also has two other gasoline proposals; 420i of 184 CV (51,600 euros) and the 430i of 258 CV (55,750 euros), Meanwhile he diesel is reserved for him 420d of 190 hp for sale for 50,550 euros.

For next year the arrival of a rear-wheel drive variant of the M440i, as well as the 286 hp 430d xDrive diesel which, like the M440i xDrive and 420 d, will feature the label «Eco» of the DGT by having their respective engines of a light hybridization system.

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