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Bodegas Xaló: A story of passion for the vineyard

The Muscat of Alexandria, a true natural gem, grows in La Vall, Pla de Llíber and the nearby mountain slopes.

The Muscat of Alexandria, a true natural gem, grows in La Vall, Pla de Llíber and the nearby mountain slopes.

The history of the vineyards and the wine of Xaló dates back to the Muslim era, in the 15th century where the grapes raisins they were more than food, a bargaining chip between cultures and merchants.

In 1962, 500 years later, the Virgin Pobre de Xaló Valencian Cooperative was born, a true flagship of the Marina Alta region in terms of commitment to the indigenous agriculture and respect for the tradition.

From 14 founding farmers to exceeding the 400 current partners, more than 50 years of a long road full of successes only possible thanks to the teamwork of all those who make up Bodegas Xaló.

Its facilities are regularly renewed and new ranges are incorporated into the product catalog.

Farmers, winemakers, workers, sales representatives … Each piece gives meaning to a perfectly coordinated set in constant search of the innovation in an increasingly competitive and demanding sector. Facilities that are regularly renewed and new ranges that are incorporated into the product catalog are the engine that takes its wines and mistelas to more and more markets around the world.

A story based on its origin: La Cuna del Moscatel

The secret to making a good wine resides largely in its raw material. Only the best grapes will make the best wines. Thus, Bodegas Xaló always presumes its origin and fruit, the Muscat of Alexandria, the true natural jewel that grows in La Vall, Pla de Llíber and the slopes of the nearby mountains.

More than 50 years of a long and successful journey.

Wines acquire personality when they are unmistakable. Recognize a White or one mistela of Bodegas Xaló only with its aroma is undoubtedly the proof of a work that seek excellence. For this reason, the family of wines and mistelas from Bodegas Xaló continues to grow and specialize to meet the increasingly specific needs of the hospitality market and the end public.

The most awarded winery in recent years

Its wines and mistelas have received the main awards in the most important national and international competitions. The year 2020 and 2021 has been especially prolific in terms of awards, resulting in the most awarded winery in the Valencian Community in competitions such as the PROAVA awards, the only one endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture and which encompasses all DO, rewarding a Bodegas Xaló with 7 awards, among them, 3 golds in the main categories.

But without a doubt, the finishing touch in recent years has been the Gold Medal achieved by the Bahía de Dénia blanco in the most prestigious international competition in the world in the specialty of Muscat wines, held in France. Muscats de Mond thus awarded Bodegas Xaló’s flagship white as one of the best muscatel in the world.

More information:

Direction: Carretera Xaló – Alcalalí, s / n, 03727 Jalón, Alicante

Telephone: 966 48 00 34

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