Friday, January 27

Bolivia: 11-year-old girl who was raped and whose marriage sparked a debate about the termination of pregnancy aborts

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Protester in La Paz

Image source, Reuters


The interference of the Catholic Church in the judicial decision to terminate the 11-year-old girl’s pregnancy sparked protests in Bolivia.

The Bolivian Ombudsman’s Office confirmed on Sunday that the 11-year-old girl who was pregnant after being abused for months by her grandfather interrupted her pregnancy.

“The minor has assumed a definition, together with the mother, within the framework of safeguarding her right to life and her right to integrity,” Nadia Cruz said at a press conference on Sunday about the case that unleashed a national controversy in which the Catholic Church has been one of the protagonists.

“The minor has the right to confidentiality, she has the right to continue with her life, after all that the church has broken into and the permissiveness of public institutions,” he said.

For more than nine months, the girl was the victim of sexual abuse by the father of her mother’s current partner.

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