Friday, December 3

Bolivia: government orders the repeal of the “mother law” that had caused the worst protests since the departure of Evo Morales in 2019

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Law 3386.

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Law 1386 or mother law caused serious protests in Bolivia.

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, announced this week the repeal of Law 1386, also known as “mother law”, which had generated a general strike, mobilizations and blockades in much of the territory of the South American country.

Arce asked Congress over the weekend to repeal or repeal the law, a process that began to be discussed this Monday.

“The country does not want more anxiety and uncertainty unnecessarily,” said the president in a television message.

In this way, a large part of the unions and civic committees that had taken to the streets for about six days announced this Tuesday the cessation of the strike, but indicated that they will continue in “emergency and permanent mobilization”.

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