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Bolsonaro causes an agglomeration on a beach in Sao Paulo despite COVID

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

An agglomeration caused by the presence of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, on a beach on the coast of Sao Paulo generated the first controversy of the president in 2021 and this Saturday raised voices of rejection in social networks for the “irresponsible” attitude of the ruler.

Bolsonaro, who spends a few days off with his family at a military base on the coast of the state of Sao Paulo, was walking at the end of Friday afternoon in a boat in Praia Grande and, when the boat approached the bathers, the ruler decided to jump into the water, swim, and join them.

The presence of the head of state and his companions, who did not wear a covid-19 mask, caused an agglomeration of people, who surrounded the ruler, chanted his name and raised him on their shoulders.

At the momentt in which Brazil and saving lives, President Bolsonaro attacks us once again, cowardly. The ineffectiveness and denial of the government of this president stimulated the death of 194,000 Brazilians by covid, “according to the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria.

Just when Bolsonaro joined the bathers, the Executive reported that Brazil accumulated 7.7 million cases confirmed and exceeded 195,000 deaths related to the new coronavirus.

“Bolsonaro likes the smell of death, the smell of gunpowder and the smell of money from corruption (from one of his sons, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro). President: work more and talk less, “wrote the governor of Sao Paulo on his profile on the social network Twitter.

Praia Grande was one of the twelve municipalities of Sao Paulo that disobeyed the measures of the regional government to return to the “red phase” and harden the confinement and social distancingexceptof essential services, a provision that Doria has just extended to the February 7th.

Political dispute

Last week, Bolsonaro lashed out at Doria, a longtime ally and now one of his main political rivals, who traveled to Miami on vacation a day after putting the state into a “red phase” for Christmas and New Years, which restricts circulation and trafficCommercialal activities.

Doria, who was criticized for “leaving” the state, interrupted the family rest, returned immediately to Brazil and argued that the reason for his return was the positive for covid-19 of Lieutenant Governor Rodrigo García, who was going to take office during his absence.

Bolsonaro and Doria fight a political battle over the vaccine against the coronavirus, in which the governor went ahead and already has eleven million doses and the license for the local manufacture of the antivirus in the state-rButtontan Institute of the Chinese compaSICOVALvac, which awaits authorization for its compound to be inoculated to the population.

The president, who like Doria contracted the coronavirus and was cured and has been one of the world leaders most skeptical of the magnitude of the pandemic, is betting on the vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca and the British University of Oxford, which It is expected to be manufactured in Brazil by the state laboratory Fiocruz.

During the highest peaks of the pandemic, Bolsonaro used the mask a few times in public events and there used to be demonstrations in their favor, despite the fact that crowds are prohibited in the Federal District of Brasilia.

Another of the voices that has been heard this Saturday against Bolsonaro is that of the deputy Manuel D’Ávila, who ran for the Mayor of Porto Alegre in November – losing in the second round – and is one of the main political positions of the Communist Party of BrazPCBCdoB).

“When the worst example for society is the president”, The former vice president candidate in 2018 wrote on her Twitter profile in the formula with the leftist Fernando Haddad, in response to the video that Bolsonaro himself published on his social networks.

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