Tuesday, June 6

Bolsonaro cuts 2,600 million in education and health to raise the salary of the Police

  • The president of Brazil intends to increase the salaries of police officers by 5% five months before the next presidential elections

Less education, science and health and more police. The government of Brazil plans to cut more than €2.6 billion (the equivalent of 13,500 million Brazilian reals) from the education, science, technology and health budgets and redirect these resources to increase the salaries of the Federal police. The Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, thus intends to fulfill a promise he made during the campaign for the previous elections, as the newspaper ‘O Globo’ has advanced. And to do it five months before the next presidential elections, in which the far-right leader will face the leader of the left and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva.

The far-right leader has exceeded expectations about the anticipated cut, since initially it was not going to exceed 1,600 million euros. Well, the initial approach was to raise only part of the salaries within the police force to equalize different professional categories. However, Bolsonaro has decided to increase en bloc a 5% wages of all the police.

“There are criticisms and threats of strikes in other sectors, as varied as possible. What is the trend? It is 5 percent for all,” Bolsonaro explained in statements collected by ‘Folha De S.Paulo’. The announcement of salary increases comes just days after the leader of the Executive described as “brave warriors” the agents who participated in the police massacre in Rio de Janeiro, which took 25 dead and six wounded.

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To sustain this increase in the salary of the Federal Police, some areas -such as education, health and defense- have had to cut the state budget, as detailed by technicians from the Brazilian Executive’s economic team. The Ministry of Education, as well as all the organizations linked to said portfolio, such as federal institutes and universities, will therefore receive 630 million euros less from the state budget.

The Science and Technology portfolio will also be affected. The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) has protested against the cut of 571 million euros in the area, describing the decision as “wrong”, according to ‘Folha De S.Paulo’. The Ministry of Health, for its part, will receive a cut of 492 million euros, which will be reflected in the financing and investments of the Brazilian health system. In order not to violate the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), the Brazilian president must advance his proposals in order to later obtain their approval in the National Congress, at the latest, in early July.


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