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Bolsonaro returns to Brazil this Thursday, where he faces several judicial investigations

Not much is known and there is very little in the media, since he does not usually communicate with the press, but rather with his followers on social networks. Small notes in the local press report that former President Jair Bolsonaro will return to Brazil this Thursday after almost four months of self-exile in Orlando, Florida. He will return in the most discreet way possible, without attracting attention or arousing more controversy.

The political analyst Juliana DalPiva, from the UOL portal, is the one that brings the apparently most precise details obtained through sources from Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party (PL). According to the portal, Bolsonaro will return to Brazil on March 30, on a commercial flight that will land in the capital, Brasilia, around 7 am (local time).

Bolsonaro will be received at the airport by his wife and former first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, and the former defense minister and former vice-presidential candidate Walter Braga Netto. The former president will arrive from the United States accompanied by close advisers, who spent the months with him in Florida, among them, the sergeant of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police, Max Guilherme.

Private event

After the reception at the airport, Bolsonaro must visit the party headquarters to participate in a private event, and for now, according to UOL, he must decline invitations. Later he must resume a plan to make caravans through the country, or ‘motociatas’, since his preference is to be accompanied by motorcyclists on the road.

Bolsonaro left Brazil on December 30 to avoid participating in the inauguration ceremony of his successor, the current president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of the Workers’ Party (PT), to which he now wants to oppose, and must receive a salary about 7,000 euros as honorary president of the PL.

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During his absence, however, Bolsonaro’s memory has lived on, especially due to a series of accusations against him, ranging from having kept luxurious gifts from the Saudi regime -of which he has already returned a part-, to the revelation of purchases on the presidential credit card, to which he had decreed 100 years of secrecy. These are even some of the actions that could leave you ineligible.

security operation

According to the economic newspaper ‘Valor’, from the Globo group, the Government is organizing a special security operation in Brasilia, and must block the area and access to the Esplanada de los Ministerios, the same place where on January 8 a Bolsonaro mob attacked and destroyed the headquarters of the Three Powers of Brazil. Bolsonaro is also being investigated for his potential connection to these attacks.

The international airport of Brasilia will also receive special attention, to avoid disturbances upon the arrival of the leader of the Brazilian extreme right.

There is an expectation that its militants will accompany them on the road, but the PL has not yet reported on the need for any security scheme. In the evening, the former president is expected to attend an event promoted by the president of the PL in Brasilia, deputy Bia Kicis, who will formally take office.

The PL reported that there is still no official event scheduled to celebrate Bolsonaro’s return or his new position. The presence of his children has not yet been confirmed either. But his allies assure that they will soon make a lot of “noise” and that Bolsonaro will return to lead the opposition against Lula da Silva.

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