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Bombing continues in Donbas and fighting near kyiv

The Russian troops continue to extensively bomb the disputed area of ​​Donbas with heavy weapons, while attacks continue around kyiv and in other major cities like Chernigov (north) and Kharkiv (East). The different regional administrations assure that practically the entire country continues to suffer attacks of various kinds, despite the Moscow’s announcement to scale back its offensive on kyiv and some other major cities, reports the Urkrinform agency.

In the case of Lugansk, a self-proclaimed independent republic that borders Russia, the authorities say that the entire territory has been bombed overnight with heavy weapons and seven people have died in the attacks.

In this area, the city of Lysychansk It has been the center of the Russian offensive for the last two days, which has caused dozens of injuries, while the seven deaths occurred tonight as a result of the latest bombings. In this city one oil refinery is on fireindicates the Ukrainian agency.

On the other hand, several russian missiles reached an oil deposit in the Dnipropetrovsk region, in the center of the country, and an asphalt manufacturing plant in nearby Novomoskovsk. In this case, there were no fatalities.

impossible evacuation

The bombardment of residential areas of Kharkov, in the east, also continues, and tonight the attacks damaged a gas pipeline and caused a fire that was extinguished. The Russians bombed the district of Derhachi, in the aforementioned city, where one person died, and it is still being evaluated if there have been more victims. Regional authorities have indicated that it is impossible to evacuate the population due to constant bombing, while dozens of volunteers try to deliver humanitarian aid.

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in jerson, southern town taken by the Russians, the situation is relatively calm. Explosions have occurred, although isolated and in remote areas far from the population.

In the Donetsk region, also a self-proclaimed republica, the Russians bombarded Mariinka with phosphorus shells and several rocket launchers were fired at other towns such as Avdiivka, Heorhiivka, Novokalynove and Ocheretyne.

Meanwhile, the situation in the besieged Mariúpol, in the south of the country and which has suffered from the Russian siege since practically the beginning of the invasion, on February 24, has not changed.

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Ukrainian soldiers continue to wage defensive fighting in Chernigov, where the Russians yesterday shelled the city’s suburbs.

And in the Kyiv region, where the country’s capital is located, Russian bombing continues in surrounding towns such as Irpin, Makariv and the settlements along the Zhytomyr highway. There are also clashes in the communities of Hostomel and Bucha.

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