Monday, March 1

Bonfire artist Sergio Gómez presents Pope Francis with a figure of Adoration

The Bonfire artist Sergio Gómez, author of the Official Bonfire childish, he has sent to Pope Francis as a gift one figure of the Adoration of the Magi, small sculptures that he sells online and that are allowing him to maintain the workshop during this time of crisis due to the covid that prevents the celebration of parties. Gomez has created a 45-centimeter decoration figure brand, which has aroused the interest of buyers from Andalusia, Italy and even Miami. The first work, a angel with open wings covering the Holy Family in the adoration of the Magi, it will have continuity with a second one.

The Alicante artist received a letter from the Vatican in reply signed by Monsignor Roberto Cona, advisor to the Vatican Secretariat of State, in which he states that “His Holiness Francisco appreciates this show of cordial closeness and encourages him to continue transmitting the joy of the Gospel through art”. “Likewise – the letter continues – he begs you to pray for him and for his service to the holy People of God, and while entrusting him to the maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Hope, imparts the heart apostolic blessing, that he gladly extends to his family and other loved ones “.

The reference of the Vatican advisor to the Mother of Hope has to do with the condition of Gómez de costalero of the brotherhood of Hope and the Great Power of Alicante, that the Alicante expressed in a letter sent with the figure animated by the parish priest of the Church of Mercy, where the brotherhood is based, Felipe Martínez López. In fact, it was the foguerer artist himself who contacted the brotherhood to present a figure of the Adoration of the Virgin. “They told me yes, how delighted, how perfect. At the beginning of December a mass of costaleros and they decided that it was the act to deliver the piece to the virgin. The pastor of Mercy said why don’t we send a figure to His Holiness. ”

Gómez sent the gift to Pope Francis along with a letter in which he wrote that it is Foguerer artist from Alicante and that due to the pandemic situation and the economic crisis derivative had released some figures for sale that were allowing them to maintain equipment and operate for a few months. He also told that it was Costalero of the Virgin of Hope of Alicante, “without the intention of anything else.”

“But they answered. It was a surprise, and the menu is very cool, very personal. It is not a standard letter of gratitude, they answer what I wrote, they talk about the piece, they encourage us to continue transmitting the Gospel through art, and the most sentimental thing, that it tells us about the Virgin of Hope. The letter is to be framed. “In addition, it begins by highlighting the artist’s feelings of” filial attachment and affection, which led him to have “the kindness to write a attentive letter to the Holy Father, accompanied by a gift “.

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