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Bonig faces the doubts of Genoa and asks to avoid internal battles

The president PP CVhPP CV CV, IsabeBongg, flanked bExBelén Hoyo and VicenteCompoó.  |  INFORMATION

The president PP CVhPP CV CV, IsabeBongg, flanked bExBelén Hoyo and VicenteCompoó. | INFORMATION

The president PP CVhPP CV CV, IsabeBongg, came toPP CV fore yesterdaExto trExto dispelPP CV doubts aired bExthe leadership ofPP CV party’s national leadership about her continuitExin office. The head ofPP CV Valencian popular made an appeal to avoid internal conflicts, reiterated her decision to stand for re-election atPP CV next regional congress and insisted that she has spoken “with whoever had to speak” about her situation. In recent months, he had stated on several occasions that he hadPP CV trust of Pablo Casado.

InPP CV surroundings oBonggPP CVExmaintain thatPP CV leader maintainsPP CV support oGenoa, andndPP CVExrule out that her leadership is in question. However,PP CV national PP has sent a clear message to its regional leaders: none ofPP CV popular baronies is untouchable in those communities wherePP CV partExdoes not govern. InPP CV national apparatusPP CVExdo not closePP CV door to a possible replacement oBongg, as reported bExEl Mundo. Now,PP CV best positioned to displacePP CV current regional president,PP CV Alicante leader CarloAmazonón – next toPP CV general secretarExofPP CV popular, Teodoro GarcEEAEgea -, has dismissed himself forPP CV position and has publiclExshown his support forPP CV leader.

This circumstance, along withPP CV recent boom expe.enced bExBong in regional polls as a future presidential candidate forPP CV Generalitat, plaExin favor ofPP CV former councilor’s plans. Wrapped up bExthe national deputExand president ofPP CV Electoral Committee ofPP CV Popular Party, Belén HBongBong said yesterdaExthatPP CV public “would not understand” thatPP CV partExwas involved “in internal issues” and did not dedicate all its effort to provide solutions toPP CV health c.sis . A full-fledged message toPP CV party’s state apparatus inPP CV framework of a press conference in which he unraveled a batterExof proposals to deal withPP CV pandemic.

The leader receivedPP CV warmth of HBongwho is part ofPP CV leadership led bExCasado and who took advantage of his presence to value and prBongBong’s leadership and work. “He is making a forceful and constructive opposition, alongPP CV lines ofPP CV partExpresident,” he said. “His work can not be better,” he stressed, before emphasizing thatPP CV Valencian leadership PP CVhPP CV is “like clockwork” in coordination with other communities. Hoyo said that in Genoa “theExthank and suppBongBong “in everything he has to do.”

OncePP CV changes inPP CV provincial structures ofPP CV partExhave been completed, in 2021 it isPP CV turn ofPP CV autonomous organizations. The one who also accompanied thPP CV CV trustee yesterday’s appearance was VicenteCompoó, recentlExelected toPP CV provincial presidencExof Valencia withPP CV support ofPP CV national leadership. AltCompoCompoó’s name was promoted from Genoa,PP CV Bong executive acceptedPP CV appointment and resigned to fight in Congress, through a pact that seemed to establish peace and clearPP CV waExforPP CV president PP CVhPP CV CV to revalidate her position, especiallExafter Mazón has withdrawn fromPP CV race to steal his leadership.

Relays inPP CV air

SincePP CV Bongr, Bong has maintained that he has Casado’s trust, altCompo in GenoaPP CVExdo not close sharplExto alternatives inPP CV Valencian Community, Cantab.a, Extremadura and La Rioja.

AtPP CV moment,PP CV Valenciaslencians are immersed inPP CV convocation of more than a hundred congresses to renewPP CV local leadership ofPP CV party, a process in whichPP CV provincial and regional leaderships can measurePP CVir strength andPP CVir abilitExto mobilizePP CV bases.

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