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Bonig resists pressure: affirms that he will go to congress despite Catalá’s support for Mazón

Archive image of Carlos Mazón and Isabel Bonig

Archive image of Carlos Mazón and Isabel Bonig

A Isabel Bonig He is uncomfortable being asked about his future in the PPCV. And reasons are not lacking. Since April 28, 2019, the date on which the polls returned to send her to the opposition, there is no shortage of voices that took her leadership for granted. A buzz that at the gates of the regional congress that could come before July is increasingly intense. The pressure rises by the minute, but the president endures the type and reiterates that she will choose to revalidate the position. He has said it many times these months, and yesterday he reiterated it while maintaining that he had the endorsement of the national leadership.

It is not the first time that Bonig affirms that Genoa knows his intentions, but yesterday he went a little further by implying that this conversation had taken place at the highest level and by adding that he will present his candidacy regardless of whether there is an alternative. The nuance is not trivial. The pressure for Bonig to throw in the towel is obvious, but the regional leadership insists that he has the backing of those who have to, which implies facing a candidacy even though he has the endorsement of Genoa.

The latest movements promoted by the number two of the Popular Party, Teodoro Garcia Egea, seem to clearly show the way out of the popular president. The renewal of the provincial directorates has had As a consequence, Bonig has gradually lost support. All of them processes supervised and promoted by the national management led by Pablo Casado.

The promotion of Carlos Mazón to the leadership of the PP of Alicante was a serious warning, since he is considered the candidate indicated by Genoa. After Carlos Mazón came the renewal in the province of València with a candidate outside the orbit of Isabel Bonig, while last week the departure of Miguel Barrachina of the party in Castellón has ended up liquidating important territorial support. In addition, the strategic tandem that until a few weeks ago Bonig and the PP spokesperson in the Valencia City Council had been broken, Maria Jose Catalá. The latter, called to a chapter by Genoa, would have made it clear that he would add in favor of Mazón if he finally takes the step. But Bonig is ready to do battle. It is, sources from his environment point out, a matter of principle, but also of coherence because, they insist, regardless of the movements of Teodoro García Egea, he has no instructions to take a step back.

The doubt, however, is what Bonig will do if those messages that transcend the walls of Genoa become explicit and Casado asks him to take a step back. And that is where doubts arise about what it will do because Genoa, which today he wants a replacement with Mazón, he does not want a confrontational congress. Other sources point out that Bonig will not condition his steps on the promise of a future relocation and, in this sense, they maintain that his decision is firm. On the other hand, the regional leadership regrets that the congressional process muddies the opposition’s work together when Ciudadanos is disintegrating.

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On the other hand, the current national scenario could condition everything, since the 4-M results in Madrid may weaken or strengthen Casado. Bonig maintains a good relationship with other regional leaders and, if necessary, could discuss support with them. In any case, the decisions of Genoa could also alter the peace in the territories. For now, in Castellón, and despite Genoa’s attempts to have a single candidate, there will be primaries. Some voices point out that there is a growing malaise also in the province of Valencia due to the forms of Genoa and that the policy of imposition could alter the spirits. Be that as it may, Isabel Bonig is getting closer and closer to facing the moment of truth.

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