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Bonoloto, result of the draw on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Bonoloto draw for Thursday, June 18, 2021

Bonoloto draw for Thursday, June 18, 2021

The winning numbers of the Today’s Bonoloto draw Thursday, June 17, 2021 are as follows: xxxxxx The number complementary is the x and the refund, the x. You can also check here the winning numbers in the coupon for the ONCE tonight.

Bonoloto winning combination: xxxxx

Complementary number: x

Refund: x

How to play Bonoloto

The Bonoloto Draw is held every day of the week, except Sunday. The ticket is made up of 8 columns, each of which numbered from 1 to 49. In each draw, 6 balls are drawn from the main drum and one more ball from a second drum that corresponds to the refund.

The Bonoloto allows you to play by single or multiple bet. In the first case, each bettor must fill in as many columns as he wants to make. In each one of them he will fill in 6 numbers. In the case of the multiple bet, only one column number is marked and depending on the number of bets that you want to play, a different number of numbers will be selected from one of the following possible:

If you check the box for 44 bets, you will need to select 5 numbers in the first block. The set formed by these five chosen numbers plays with each of the remaining numbers in the block, thus forming 44 sets of six predictions, that is, 44 bets.

How much does it cost to play?

The amount of each bet is 0.50 euros. The minimum amount of the full ticket is 1 euro, therefore: If your ticket participates in a single draw, it must include at least 2 bets (50 cents x 2 bets x 1 draw = 1 euro). If your ticket participates in two or more draws (weekly draw), it can include from 1 single bet (50 cents x 1 bet x 2 draws = 1 euro).

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Bonoloto Awards

En Bonoloto 55% of the proceeds go to awards, distributed among the following award categories:

  • 1st Category: if all 6 numbers of the winning combination are matched.
  • 2nd Category: if 5 numbers of the winning combination are matched plus the draw corresponding to the complementary number *
  • 3rd Category: if 5 numbers of the winning combination are matched.
  • 4th Category: if 4 numbers of the winning combination are matched.
  • 5th Category: if 3 numbers of the winning combination are matched.
  • Refund: if the number allocated to this award matches the one on your ticket and will refer to the total amount of bets in which you have participated.
  • Weekly Draw: the refund for the subscription or weekly raffle mode will be raffled every day, assigning the prize corresponding to the value of the daily bet.
  • Daily Giveaway: the refund for the daily participation modality will be determined by the winning digit of the draw on the day of participation.


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