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Bordalás: “They accuse us of things that are not true, I suppose to condition”

José Bordalás, during the press conference at the La Cartuja stadium. / Julio Munoz (Efe)


“Normally the great fans we have are disrespected, I don’t know for what purpose,” stresses the Valencia coach after Pellegrini’s previous messages

Oscar Bellot

José Bordalás did not want to enter into dialectical battles on the eve of the Copa del Rey final that will measure his team against Betis at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville. But he did reply to the subliminal messages that Manuel Pellegrini launched in previous days. «They accuse us of things that are not true, I suppose with the aim of trying to condition. I find them disrespectful and out of place. I never did that. Normally the great fans we have are disrespected, I don’t know for what purpose. Valencia is the team that receives the most fouls in the championship. When we are accused of interrupting, it will be the opposite, ”said the man from Alicante.

In his first season at the head of the bat team, Bordalás has the opportunity to win a title that endorses his project. «It is a very important moment for any professional, both for me and for the players, who work to achieve experiences of this type. The Copa del Rey is a very important tournament and it is a very beautiful moment that we are going to enjoy. The team is very good, motivated and everyone is looking forward to the match. It’s a nice final », pointed out the coach of the Valencian Community, who reassured about the state of Gabriel Paulista, the great cacique behind him:« It’s fine. The sensations are very good, he has been working, although outside the group. In the session before the final he will be with the team and we have reason to be optimistic. I think he will be in the eleven, he is a very important player », he said about the Brazilian, who missed the last league games due to muscle problems.

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«In these types of situations I think more about others than about myself. I think of the fans, of Valencia, of the players, of my family, of the people who have suffered for so many years so that things go well. I am very responsible with the Valencia fans because it is my first season and it has impacted me how the fans are with the team », he said when asked if he thought about what it has cost him to get to where he is.


He stressed that his pupils face the appointment calmly. “They are not nervous. We are the youngest team in the League, but I see them, apart from being responsible, calm. You don’t need a plus because we’ve all been waiting for this game for weeks and I think the team’s response will be good. We know that a final is always difficult and Betis is having a great season, they have an incredible squad and they play at home. Many say that he is the favourite, but we are optimistic for tomorrow’s clash.”

He did not want to enter into previous arbitration controversies, despite the fact that in recent weeks he has questioned the work of video arbitration. “With the arbitrations I have not been critical, I have been critical with the VAR”, he remarked before predicting that “an incredible atmosphere” will be experienced in La Cartuja.

Bordalás assumes without problems that the press grants Betis the favourite’s band. “I respect it. Seem right. They have told me these weeks, but I do not think about it. I focus on my team and what we have to do », he pointed out before expressing his ambition to win the ninth Copa del Rey in the history of Valencia. «Always, as a professional, when you start a championship you try to take the team as high as possible. I would have liked to be much higher in the League, it could not have been, but fortunately in the Cup we have been able to be in the final », he closed.

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