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Border Patrol Agents Support Re-election of Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Abbott is keeping the construction of a border wall going across the state.

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THE ANGELS – The Border Patrol Union announced Monday its support for the reelection campaign of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who for months has led the Republican fight against the immigration policies of US President Joe Biden.

The union made this announcement at a press conference in which its president, Brandon Judd, said that in the face of the “current unprecedented crisis” on the border with Mexico, it is necessary for people like Abbott to assume their responsibilities and recognize that what they did “ great ”to the United States is“ law and order ”.

In his opinion, the governor of Texas has worked “very hard” to ensure that this maxim is guaranteed in his region and put the interests of citizens first.

Instead, Judd criticized the Biden-led federal government for refusing to implement necessary policies at the border.

Abbott participated in the same press conference and agreed with Judd in his criticism of the Biden Administration for its performance on immigration matters.

“It is essential that we as a state and as a country step forward and do the work required by the United States Congress to enforce immigration laws and maintain the sovereignty of the country and our state by securing the border”Said the governor.

The Republican has resumed the efforts of now former President Donald Trump to raise a border barrier with Mexico, has sent thousands of members of the National Guard and has authorized them to collaborate on immigration matters with local authorities.

Texas has also fought in court numerous attempts by the Biden government to soften Trump’s immigration policies, such as the suspension of the controversial “Stay in Mexico” program, which expels asylum seekers to that country while their petitions are processed.

Abbott traveled to the border last Saturday to announce officially and to a Latino audience the start of his campaign for a third term as governor of Texas.

“I’m back in the Rio Grande Valley because I care so much about this region,” Abbott declared at an event he called the “Hispanic Leadership Summit.”

“I am proud of the Hispanic leaders who are part of this summit, some of whom are from the Rio Grande Valley. I think all of them are doing a fabulous job to spread the message that Hispanics are Republicans in their hearts, and together we will keep Texas Red (Republican), ”he said.

According to polls, Abbott obtained 42% of the Latino vote in Texas in 2018. In the 2020 presidential elections, with then-President Donald Trump seeking re-election, Republicans made significant strides in the traditionally Democratic Rio Grande Valley.

Abbott’s main rival is presumed to be former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who officially announced his candidacy for governor of Texas in November.

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