Monday, October 25

Boris Johnson euphorically shakes an agreement that is now ready to serve

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

It is doubtful that many Britons would heed the advice of their prime minister and take advantage of the nap time after Christmas lunch to read the Brexit agreementBut the truth is that Boris Johnson presented them with the “gift” he had been looking for since he was elected at the polls.

The trade agreement with the European Union (EU) arrived on Christmas Eve and unleashed the joy of a Johnson who did not hesitate to celebrate with a photo with the thumbs up, gesture of euphoria and a phrase: “The agreement is done.”

Although the joy cannot be qualified as complete because the prime minister still has one last hurdle left to save. A procedure that should be more anecdotal than anything else, since it will play at home when presenting the agreement to British parliamentarians, the last obstacle before the Brexit machinery starts rolling.

It will be next Wednesday, December 30, when the new agreement is put to a vote in the House of Commons. There should be no problem getting “yes”. Johnson has a majority with his political party and, in addition, Labor have also approved this pact with the slogan “better this than nothing.”

Its leader, Keir Starmer, despite showing certain reluctance, has admitted that he accepts the agreement and that he will vote in favor of it, so the way is left open for this emergency meeting, which will remove the deputies from Christmas holidays, come to fruition.

Even the Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle, has given them the option to vote the resolution electronically, without having to appear in the chamber, so as not to completely interrupt the holiday break that began on December 17, when Parliament lowered the curtain for the holidays.

The only obstacle, or rather uncertainty, comes from the Most Eurosceptic faction of the ‘Tories’, since the uncertainty hangs over them as to whether they will support the agreement or, on the contrary, will vote against it.

Be that as it may, the priority is for the new treaty to be approved by December 31, since this is the day on which the Brexit transition period comes to an end. If all goes according to plan, the deal will be tentatively put into operation from January 1.

For now, not all the fringes of the agreement have been revealed and little by little both the ambassadors of the European Union and the members of the English Parliament themselves are receiving the document of more than 1,200 pages that Johnson proudly displayed on Christmas Eve.

“I have a gift for everyone who wants to read something after Christmas lunch,” said the prime minister, waving the hundreds of pages of the treaty. “An agreement that gives certainty to companies, travelers and all investors of our country as of January 1. I think it will be the basis for a happy, successful and stable relationship with our friends in the European Union for the next few years, “he said.

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