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Boris Johnson gives the biggest boost to UK Defense spending since the Cold War

Thursday, 19 November 2020 – 15:58

It announces an injection of 26.8 billion euros in the next four years, without specifying where the new items will come from. The United Kingdom is confirmed as the country with the highest military spending in Europe

Prime Minister brit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits the Salisbury Military Training Center.

  • AS IS TODAY … 11/19/1990.

    Thirty years of the treaty that buried the Cold War

British “premier” Boris Johnson has decided to “rearm” the UK and skyrocket the Ministry of Defense budget with an extra injection of 24 billion pounds (€ 26.8 billion) in the next four years, including € 18.5 billion to modernize the military. However, the Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, has not been able to specify where the new items will come from, given speculation about a drastic cut in the international cooperation budget.

One day after giving a boost to the “green” recovery, Johnson has announced the end of the UK’s “era of military withdrawal” with the largest increase in defense spending since the Cold War. The Conservative leader recalled his own electoral pledge promising an annual increase of 0.5% of the Defense budget above inflation.

Ben Wallace acknowledged that the Covid crisis has required at least the destination of the equivalent of 230,000 million euros in economic rescue measures. The Secretary of Defense admitted that the increase in expenses is comparatively much smaller, but necessary and sufficient to “fulfill the ambitions” of modernization of the army.

Wallace referred to Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak’s budget announcement scheduled for next week. Johnson’s two advances – his action plan on climate change and rising military spending – have been greeted with relative skepticism by the British media of the doubts about its financing.

The modernization of the British Defense includes the creation of a Space Command and the deployment of a new generation of military satellites, the new National Cyber ​​Force made up of 500 specialists to prevent “cyberattacks”, the start-up of an Artificial Intelligence Agency and the acceleration of plans so that in 2035 the new Tempest fighter is operational, to replace the Typhoon.

With the momentum announced by Johnson, The United Kingdom is confirmed as the country with the highest military spending in Europe (around 50,000 million euros) and the second from NATO, after the United States. Ben Wallace confirmed for his part that the UK will follow the example of the US military and reduce its troop presence in Afghanistan next year.

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