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Boris Johnson imposes teleworking in England again before the advance of Ómicron

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The appearance of the new variant of Covid, Omicron, has forced the British Government to launch in England, as of this Friday, the plan B that he had in the drawer to combat the spread of the virus and that includes the use of masks indoor; the obligation of Work from home for those who can afford it and the requirement of a vaccination certificate to enter certain events and entertainment venues.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, began the press conference in which he announced the new restrictions saying that “the Government acted as soon” as the variant was discovered and although it acknowledged that “all the details” about it are not yet known, it did confirm that its expansion is underway. being “faster” than the Delta variant, and that the “true number” of cases is presumably “higher” than the 568 confirmed.

“The responsible thing is to move to plan B,” said Johnson, who explained that it will be necessary to present the official certificate of the NHS (the national health system) “to enter nightclubs and places where large crowds gather, including indoor places without seats. with more than 500 people “, as well as places” in the open air with seating for more than 4,000 people, and any place with more than 10,000 people.

Even so, he clarified that vaccination is not mandatory because “it is not the way we do things in this country” and because “the British people have shown themselves willing to be vaccinated voluntarily.”

The Executive’s decision raised criticism from various sectors, including associations of nightlife. Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said the announcement is “devastating news for the industry” that also comes at a critical time. “Far from saving Christmas, the prime minister has given our sector the horrible gift of more pain for companies desperately trying to recoup their pre-pandemic losses,” he denounced.

Resignation due to the scandal of the supposed party

Johnson was also forced at the press conference to refer to a scandal that broke out hours before and that ended with the resignation of the press officer and government spokesperson, Allegra Stratton. It all dates back to December 16 of last year, a few days after the end of the second lockdown in the United Kingdom, when the country again entered a system of tiered restrictions which, in the case of London, at that time was the Level three. In other words, families from different dwellings could not mix indoors or outdoors. However, on the 18th in Downing Street, the residence and office of the Prime Minister, a fiesta which would have been attended by “dozens of people” and the leak of a fake Stratton press conference in which he acknowledges and even jokes about the celebration has caused a wave of indignation.

In an appearance in the House of Commons in the morning, Johnson assured that he “understands” and “shares the anger” that is “across the country” over the video of the joke of his spokesman and apologized “without reservation for the the offense it has caused throughout the country “and” because of the impression it makes. ” However, he denied that said party had been held, assured that the rules to combat Covid “were not broken” and announced the opening of an internal investigation.

A woman whose mother died alone in hospital precisely on December 18 told the press that she was “absolutely shocked” that the government “could laugh and joke about a party while people were losing their loved ones.”

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