Sunday, December 10

Boris Johnson resigns | This is the process of choosing the new British Prime Minister

The resignation of Boris Johnson now opens the door to a new election process for the person who will be installed at number 10 Downing Street, starting from the premise that the British system implies that the queen, Elizabeth II, orders the formation of a government to the leader of the party in arithmetic disposition to achieve it.

In this way, heThe Tories will hold an internal election to appoint the new Prime Minister. It is a kind of primarieswith direct effect (if no incident occurs) in the Executive, as it is expected that this legislature will last until spring 2024.

So that, new candidates can present their tricks to party bodies. Logically, Johnson, once he has lost the trust of his colleagues, will not be eligible to remain in office.

Subsequently, among all the accepted candidates, a internal voting seriesin which only the 359 Tory deputies will participate, in which the candidates will be progressively eliminated until only two remain.

In the first of these votes, the candidates who do not exceed 5% of support will fall. (18 votes), in the second 10% (36 votes), and from then on, the candidate with the least support will be eliminated in each round. The percentages, however, could vary if previously decided by the Party Committee.

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When there are only two candidates left, the final vote will be carried out by the entire militancy of the Conservatives (close to 200,000 people), in a process that could take approximately one month from the proclamation of the aforementioned final candidates. In this way, if the forecasts are fulfilled, from the resignation it would take about two months to have a new prime minister.

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The elected person will be in charge of redirecting the legislature in its last year after a scandal that has ended up costing Boris Johnson his job and has significantly damaged the public image of the conservative formation.

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