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Boris Johnson’s Aides Conspired to Oust Him as Prime Minister, Claims Dominic Cummings | Dominic cummings

Boris Johnson’s closest aides decided he was unfit to be prime minister within weeks of his 2019 election victory and began plotting to overthrow him, Dominic Cummings claimed.

In his first television interview since resigning as one of the top advisers at No. 10, Cummings repeatedly criticized his former boss, saying his advisers feared Johnson had no plans to run the country and was just obsessed with projects. infrastructure “stupid”.

He accused the prime minister’s wife, Carrie, of trying to “appoint entire clowns to certain key jobs,” claiming she wanted to “pull the strings” at the heart of government rather than the old Vote Leave team, and suggested a new policy. organize a party to “kill” the Conservatives.

Cummings has launched severe attacks on the government in the months since he resigned, frequently accusing Johnson of reveling in chaos, having little understanding of the Covid pandemic, and ignoring calls to implement a second lockdown in England last fall that sparked many. unnecessary deaths.

His blogs, exchanges of leaked WhatsApp messages posted on Twitter, and seven-hour testimony before two parliamentary committees on handling the pandemic have shed light on the internal machinations of the Johnson administration. However, some conservative figures have questioned its reliability given the infamous violation of Covid rules when it traveled to Durham and Barnard Castle during the first lockdown last spring.

Cummings said that until the general election, in which the prime minister won an overwhelming majority of the Commons of 80 thanks to a promise to “make Brexit,” Boris and Carrie had been happy to have the veterans of the campaign group pro -Brexit that he directed working. in Downing Street.

But after that moment in December 2019, she said that Carrie Johnson was frustrated that she was running the show within number 10.

With his allies fearing for their positions by January 2020, Cummings said that people within the government began to speculate privately that “either we will all have left here or we will be in the process of trying to get rid of [Johnson] and get someone else as prime minister ”and discussed ways to oust Johnson.

He said they thought Johnson “doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t know how to be prime minister and we only brought him in because we had a certain problem to solve, not because he was the right person to run the country.”

In shedding light on his departure as one of Johnson’s top advisers, Cummings said disagreements between him and the prime minister on how to address Covid grew, and that a “big discussion” broke out about Carrie Johnson’s “interference” with the appointments in an “unethical and unprofessional manner”.

Reflecting on his role in the run-up to and years after the 2016 EU referendum, Cummings said he tried to “provoke” some remaining politicians, but that that was a “by-product” of them pushing for a so-called “popular vote.” or confirmatory vote on the terms of Brexit.

Speaking to the BBC for a program that will air at 7pm on BBC Two on Tuesday, Cummings said: “We rely on that in various ways to try to mislead people on the other side, yeah! But that’s … politics. “

He also said that anyone who is sure of the answers to questions on the Brexit issue “has loosened a screw”, adding that “no one in the world knows” if leaving the EU was a good idea.

Cummings urged Brexit supporters to consider creating a new party to take on the Conservatives or do what he did and “take over an existing party and try to turn it into something different,” but did not say that it necessarily should be. at the forefront of that party. A movement.

A spokesman for No. 10 insisted that Johnson had “taken the necessary steps to protect lives and livelihoods, guided by the best scientific advice” throughout the pandemic.

They stressed that the UK had seen “the fastest vaccination rollout in Europe”, saved millions of jobs through the licensing scheme and “kept the NHS from being overwhelmed”, adding: “The government is fully focused on exiting the pandemic cautiously and building a better return. “

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