Tuesday, May 18

Borrasca Murcia | The storm leaves cars washed away and small floods on the coast of the Region

The storm that affects the Region this Sunday has caused flooding in a large part of the coastal municipalities. The worst part has been Eagles, where firefighters have had to rescue a driver who had been trapped by water on a boardwalk. In addition, a car has been dragged to the beach by the large amount of water that ran down to the coast. In the same town there have been floods in garages due to the 70 liters per square meter accumulated in the day.

In San Javier, the rains again caused water pockets in the critical points of the municipality, such as the area of ​​the Mar Menor institute, in Santiago de la Ribera, or the streets near the beach. Cleaning services had to intervene to remove several tree branches that had fallen to the road, as well as unclog gratings to allow the water to pass through.

In Los Alcazares, the neighbors feared the possible incidents that the rains could cause in a municipality already accustomed to suffering floods every time there is a storm. However, the 35 liters per square meter that have been collected in the town have not caused problems. The emergency services are activated in case the rainfall increases and also carrying out preventive work.

The water runs through the outer channels of the urban area of ​​Los Alcázares.
The water runs through the outer channels of the urban area of ​​Los Alcázares.

In Cartagena, rainfall was reduced by half, with 30 liters per square meter, which has allowed that no serious incidents were recorded by the rain. The accumulation of water on some roads focused the actions of the emergency services. The neighbors required the help of the Local Police and the firefighters in the surroundings of the main street of La Aljorra and the Cenit shopping center, in the latter case on Avenida de Murcia, in the urban area of ​​Cartagena. The rains caused the closure of two roads. This is the Paraje de la Mina road in El Albujón, at the crossroads of the Rambla of the same name. Likewise, according to sources from the Cartagena City Council, the Local Police interrupted circulation on the Camino del Sifón, between Santa Ana and the F36 highway, which connects La Palma with Torre Pacheco and Cartagena.

The soil scientist José Matías Peñas once again denounced the dragging of waste from the surroundings of the old lead and silver smelter in Peñarroya, in the Santa Lucía neighborhood, towards the Mediterranean Sea through a canalization that leads to the copper rambla. The researcher released photographs and videos where the dragging of land is also seen from the area where a few days ago the Local Police demanded the Urgent fencing and an analysis of the soils from the City Council.


In Murcia, the rains caused the cutting of 14 roads in the municipality due to the 25 liters accumulated during Sunday. Likewise, the Local Police registered other incidents, such as the collapse of rocks in the Torreguil road, problems with electricity cables in La Alberca or sewer covers raised in Miguel de Cervantes avenue.

The yellow alert for rains began at 9:00 am this Sunday, until 3:00 pm due to the possibility of rainfall that could exceed 60 liters per square meter. The Emergency Coordination Center received, until 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, a total of 61 calls for 56 matters related to the rain episode. The municipalities where the emergency services have carried out the most interventions have been Águilas, with 20 calls, and Murcia with 18.


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