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Boxer “Juanma” López pleads not guilty in case of gender violence

“Juanma” prefers not to testify on the recommendation of her lawyer.

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Former boxer Juan Manuel “Juanma” López pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in the case of gender violence against his ex-partner, Andrea Ojeda, in the Caguas court at the hearing for the arraignment before Judge Ana Cruz.

López pleaded not guilty to the seven charges against him for alleged violations of Law 54 on Domestic Violence against Ojeda.

The woman, who was not present during the hearing to read the accusations, had already said that she is in favor of López benefiting from the so-called devío program, which would allow him to serve a possible sentence outside of prison.

The former world champion was accompanied at the hearing by his lawyer, Jaime Barceló. The lawyer said that, at the moment, only the accusation statement and an affidavit had been delivered to him.

He said that the plea of ​​not guilty does not mean that it is not compatible with the possibility of requesting a diversion sentence as a means of avoiding jail.

López faces six charges of violation of article 3.1 (mistreatment) and one for article 3.3 (mistreatment by threat) of Law 54 of Domestic Violence of Puerto Rico.

The prosecutor, Jaime Perea, said that the opinion of the alleged victim should be taken into consideration to determine if it corresponds that the former world champion benefits from a diversion program for the seven charges against him.

Ojeda, last September, alleged through social networks that he was a victim of abuse by the former boxer.

In addition, he presented images of some blows that López allegedly caused him.

The former champion was already involved in a similar case in 2015 when his then ex-partner Geraldine Crespo also accused him of mistreatment, although the charges were finally dropped.

On September 23, López was released after posting the $ 35,000 bond, after obtaining a reduction of the initial $ 175,000 at the request of the defense The former Puerto Rican boxer was a professional between 2005 and 2019, when he was world champion for the World Boxing Organization in the junior featherweight and featherweight categories.

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