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Boye and dangerous friends




He took advantage of his conviction for collaborating in 1988 with ETA in the kidnapping of businessman Emiliano Revillto study, remotely and from prison, the career of Law. Born in Chile, and after living for a time in Germany, Gonzalo Boye had arrived in Spain a year before the kidnapping for which the National High Court would end up sentenced him to 14 years in prison in 1996. He got out of jail with his bachelor’s degree under his arm.

Boye’s career, whom some colleagues define as a professional of great gifts and somewhat extravagant manners, began to take consistency over time. from their participation as an accusation in the trial of the jihadist attacks of March 11, 2004 from Madrid. There he made a hole and earned recognition for the profession. His career in the legal profession was consolidating, but Boye, a restless character, has always liked to put his feet beyond the courtrooms. Communication attracts him almost as much as the toga and he has not stopped showing signs of it.

A regular on television and radio, Boye, now 55, was one of the founders of the satirical magazine Mongolia. In recent years, his work as a lawyer cannot be understood without the “procés”, becoming not only one of the reference lawyers of the environment neoconvergent puigdemontista, but also, de facto, in the unofficial spokesperson for judicial issues that affect a large part of the secesonist leaders. Boye’s Twitter account, converted at times, in practice, into a kind of parallel spokesperson for the Government of the Generalitat. And he feels comfortable in that area.

Boye became a kind of judicial guru for the independence movement when he became one of the lawyers for the fugitive Carles Puigdemont. Although he was not in the trial of the “procés”, his results and ways convinced the heirs of the most hyperventilated post-convergence in secessionist matters and the successors of the ex-president they trusted Boye for their judicial future. It was, for example, Quim Torra’s lawyer in the criminal proceeding to which the former president was sentenced for later picking up a banner from the Palau de la Generalitat in favor of the jailed politicians. And the candidate of that political space (Junts per Catalunya) for the next Catalan elections, Laura Borràs, has also designated him to try to avoid the bench in a case opened in the Supreme Court for allegedly having awarded contracts to a friend.

But not everything is “procés” in the last years of trajectory like lawyer of Boye, that shares an office in Madrid with his wife and also a lawyer, Isabel Elbal. Not all of his clients are pro-independence politicians who, according to the “processist” thesis, the “Spanish justice” persecutes for their ideology. Among his sponsored portfolio there are also “common” criminals, with more or less pedigree, such as ehe historical smuggler and drug trafficker Sito Miñanco, which has little of a “political prisoner”, although that was defined by a well-known “nacorrido” that Os Papaqueixos sang two decades ago.

In a recent trial of the Galician drug dealer, Boye starred in an unusual incident. “Are you smoking?”the judge asked him. “No sir, I’m vaping”the lawyer replied. That ended with a fine of 2,000 euros. His prosecution now, for the alleged collusion with his client Miñanco in a money laundering scheme, could have much more serious consequences than a simple fine.

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