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Boyé, the talisman of Elche

Elche players celebrate the goal

Elche players celebrate the goal

A joy for him Elche in the Cup to compensate for the shipwreck in the League where he has been ten games in a row without knowing the victory. A great goal by Boyé In the first ball that he touched as soon as the second half began, he gave the franjiverde team a pass to the third round of the cup-butler tournament against a good planted team from La Nucía, who guarded their rival for many minutes. The game changed its scenery the moment Almirón realized that keeping the entire B unit on the field was reckless. At halftime he introduced all the gunpowder he could to gather Guido Carrillo, Boyé, Nino and Rigoni on the impeccable lawn of Camilo Cano. So yes. Nothing to do with the indolent first part of a team without any spark. After the Argentine’s goal in minute 46, the dominance became Elche’s although La Nucía came to disturb in a couple of actions. With this victory, Elche will be in Friday’s draw for the next Cup tie, although with all the senses already in Sunday’s game against Getafe. There is the real war of Elche.

Difficult to distinguish in the first part which team was from First and which from Second B. Elche went from less to more against a rival that started hard and that he had several dangerous approaches to get ahead, including a clearance by goalkeeper Fornés who was about to surprise “Russo” Rodríguez when the ball passed over him and ended up brushing the post in an almost comical play. Almirón’s team, who came out with their B unit, showed very few things, without aim, without fluency and with very innocent shots before an attentive and motivated La Nucía. An opportunity by the youth squad Salinas after a pass from Nino in a dangerous counterattack was the most dangerous action of the franjiverde box. The Almeria striker and Josan were the best in the first half although much more was expected due to the difference in category between one team and another.

Guido Carrillo fights for the ball efe

La Nucía did his job well. He defended well despite failures in midfield and was even able to get ahead on the scoreboard with a chance from Morgade in the first leg of the first half. César Ferrando’s team was diluted as the minutes passed, although the tie to zero in the first half did justice to what was seen on the pitch.

After the break, Almirón hit the nail on the head with the changes. He put gunpowder with four changes and the results were instantaneous. He entered the scorer Boyé who scored as soon as he had the ball in his boots. Two minutes later Guido Carrillo combs the ball that was left at the feet of the Argentine striker with his head and with an unstoppable shot after traveling a few meters he puts the ball through the right square, overtaking an Elche much more offensive than in the first half.

After the goal, the franjiverde team was loosening although La Nucía did not throw in the towel and he was approaching the Elche goal on several occasions, although with little danger. Very attentive the «Russian» Rodríguez throughout the whole game. A shot from Barry in the 79th minute after a failure in Elche’s defense caused some concern for a moment, but the strong shot lacked positioning to the relief of Almirón’s team. As the minutes progressed, Elche was giving life to La Nucía, who spun good minutes with Aarón Ñíguez very active in his debut with the red shirt after almost 23 months of his last official match. There was time for suffering. Elche did not close the game and La Nucía was looking for the tying goal. Nino gave a display of physical strength with five minutes to go and was about to surprise the local defense based on speed, but the action did not progress.

The set of Cesar Ferrando he wanted the tie and got to enjoy a free kick from the edge of the area with the time already completed, but the ball crashed into the barrier and the tie was finished.

«This triumph helps us to lift everyone’s spirits»

Almirón was very satisfied with the team’s triumph: “The team needed to win and this victory serves to lift the mood to prepare for the game against Getafe on Sunday. We were able to increase the score in the second half, we got more offensive people to make better use of the spaces ». As for the transfer market, he acknowledged that he hopes that “a player can arrive soon.” For his part, César Ferrando, La Nucía coach, pointed out that it was a “very even” match. “We made a very serious mistake in goal,” he said.

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