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“Boyer returned to his wife, but called him ‘la China’ and told her that she couldn’t live without him”




If the intervention of Rumasa It had been the first great economic scandal of the felipismo, the same protagonist would have the first great social ‘affair’, which also precipitated the first great government crisis of the González era: Miguel Boyer.

The romance of the socialist politician with Isabel Preysler became a matter of State, since the sentimental instability of the man who piloted the country’s economy influenced the first crisis of the first government of Felipe González. So much so that the director of Cesid, Emilio Alonso Manglano, included in his diary how was Boyer’s marital break-up. The other great protagonist, Isabel Preysler, had a racial nickname at that time: ‘China’, a nickname that the Government also used, according to the biography of the man who piloted the Spanish intelligence service, ‘The chief of spies’ ( Roca Ediciones).

One of the greatest challenges of the first Socialist Executive was to modernize the economy and get Spain to join the European Community. For this, Felipe González had handed over the state accounts to a physicist and economist of a social democratic-liberal court who abhorred Marxism. At the head of the super-ministry of Economy and Finance, Miguel Boyer is a fundamental member of the Council of Ministers.

Born in San Juan de Luz into a high-class family exiled during the Franco regime, educated at the French Lyceum in Madrid, sophisticated and with an intellectual background and manner, Boyer is the antithesis of Alfonso Guerra. The Vice President of the Government, much more heeled to the left and with an image of austerity -although some call it an imposted and even false-, does not hesitate to tell his family that on vacation you have to travel with the lady, the potato omelette, the jug and the scarf with four knots on the head: it is the popular slogan “Less Marbella and more socialism.” Two opposing and contradictory models of life in the same Government.

Boyer presented Preysler with the Golden ABC as Honorary President of Ande, in 1987
Boyer presented Preysler with the Golden ABC as Honorary President of Ande, in 1987

And while Guerra preaches “socialism”, Boyer goes and falls in bed with the right … The magazine ‘Interviú’ is the first publication to talk about the furtive sentimental relationship that the minister maintains with the socialite Isabel Preysler. They are both married; she, with the Marquis de Griñón; him, with the gynecologist Elena Arnedo. And the Hispanic-Filipina had been before with Julio Iglesias. The socialists have not only come to power but “sleep with our women”, they think of the once dominant right.

This is the pink chronicle of the ‘beautiful people’, the new elite that emerged after the Transition and linked to a left-wing government. In mid-1985, Boyer is a pressure cooker and his personal instability has an influence on the Executive, since replacing a Minister of Economy and Finance means opening a government crisis.

On July 4, Emilio Alonso Manglano analyzes the strictly professional part with an annotation entitled “The crisis.” That same afternoon, Thursday, the enormous dimension of the problem was made public, which translates into relay of six ministries, starting with the Economy, and the spokesperson.

“The crisis”

The next day, the Cesid director notes about the new Executive: «During Holy Week FG (Felipe González) had commented that he wanted to create two more vice presidencies in the Government. On June 20, he told Boyer that he would possibly give him one. On July 1, FG spoke with the MD (defense minister) and asked him about his opinion about the VPs (vice presidencies). The latter told him that he did not consider it convenient. FG told him that he would create them in 1986. Boyer proposed his irrevocable resignation. There was no possibility of solving it despite the pleas made by the PG (President of the Government ”.

Manglano thus traces a great chronicle of what happened. Your source is your boss, the Minister of Defense, Narcís Serra: political war, disagreements, pleas, offers and misgivings.

A week later, the analysis of the crisis that triggered Boyer’s resignation continues, this time including the confrontation with Alfonso Guerra and, mainly, personal reasons.

When the new Council of Ministers turns a week, Manglano is seen with an informant, who quotes Isabel Preysler as “China”, obviously because of the Asian features of the Hispanic-Filipina. If the director of Cesid was very good in the political chronicle narrating the government crisis, it will be extraordinary in the social one:

«Miguel Boyer came to his wife’s house on Monday to tell her that he had thought it through and that he was coming back with her. He took with him packages and suitcases. Elena was delighted and sorry. The next day he said that he had called ‘la China’ to tell him that he could not live without him. The same thing happened to him, and he went from his home to a brother’s house. That is where it seems that ‘la China’ told him that he was going to request the separation or divorce of the Marquis de Griñón. This summer they spent the summer together in Marbella. Elena will ask for a divorce (they have already spoken) ». The icing on the cake is the war with Guerra, worth the redundancy: «Boyer said that he could not carry out his economic policy without managing powers. Felipe had promised him the second vice presidency. When Alfonso Guerra found out, he said that if they give Boyer the VP ‘I’m going to leave’ “.

It is Boyer who, finally, has to go. He is not willing to continue in the Government without acquiring full powers in the economic area.

In addition, Felipe González recognized that he is “tired.” As a consequence, it becomes the target of countless critics internal for their detachment from socialism. Her personal life, gossip, is and will be the queen of sauces.

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