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Brad Pitt launches brand of rosé champagne at an exorbitant price per bottle

The refined brand of champagne is called Fleur de Miraval. And according to the actor’s statements: each edition of is a constant search for beauty, a desire to create space for all possibilities.

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Today there are all kinds of luxury products, and without a doubt the premium alcohol brands They are one of the spoiled genres. If we add to this the marketing bomb that symbolizes that a famous celebrity owns a brand, without a doubt the perfect and most recent example is the handsome and talented Brad Pitt. The actor shows us that he is not afraid to embrace pink, according to references from People magazine this week the actor has just launched the second vintage of his brand of pink champagne, called: Miraval flower. Although it is undeniable that it is a product of

The report suggests that Pitt partnered with renowned sixth-generation French winemaker Pierre Peters, who spoke about the uniqueness that the Oscar winner insisted his brand of champagne should bring: “Brad wanted to launch a unique champagne brand, not a copycat product.”In addition, according to the actor’s own statements, he describes champagne as a search for beauty.

In such a way that this refined champagne is a reflection of the teamwork between Pitt and Peters, together they developed a blend composed of 75% chardonnay grapes and 25% pinot noir. As part of a different winemaking method, the grapes “stay in contact with seeds and skins,” which is said to create a deeper, darker and bolder flavor.

This type of champagne is called ER2 (name given to the variants “exclusively for rosé wines”), the mixture results in a delicate wine with a creamy texture and a pronounced touch of pink fruit, instead of red, in the mouth. In his own words, Pitt commented on the champagne: “Each edition of Fleur de Miraval is a constant search for beauty, a desire to create space for all possibilities.”

It is worth mentioning that this brand of champagne headed by the famous actor, has been developing for years. There are references that position the foundations of this brand of bubbly since 2012 and in particular it is said that This unique vintage variety has been kept in secret development for the past five years.

The truth is that to date more and more people are curious to try this luxurious brand, with the stamp of one of the most beloved and emblematic actors of all time. Although, there are much more accessible options for champagnes, for lovers of luxury and novelties: This bottle will have a retail value of $ 400.

Another reason the news is causing a sensation. According to sources close to it, there could be a juicy backstory at play: Angelina Jolie, whom Pitt divorced in 2019, sold her share of her wine business last month. In such a way that it seems that this brand of champagne could represent the last bond they shared in common.

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