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Bragarnik brings coherence to the Elche market

Time and results will determine whether or not Elche has improved its squad after the movements of the winter market. Three signings: striker Ezequiel Ponce, left-back Lucas Olaza and midfielder Kike Pérez are the additions, while strikers Benedetto and Lucas Pérez, defender Josema and goalkeeper Axel Werner have left.

The owner of the Elche club, Christian Bragarnik, has once again shown that he is a football man, that he handles himself like no one else in the last days of the market and, above all, that he knows how to impose his conditions. The largest shareholder has applied consistency and, although with suspense until the last minute, has been able to meet the demands of the coach, Francisco Rodríguez, without spending money.

In addition, Bragarnik is increasingly taking the pulse of the needs of Spanish football and has once again put aside the experiments of his first year at the head of the franjiverde entity, in which he bet, mainly, on the market Argentine and South American, which was the one he knew, and it didn’t come out. For this, the figure of the technical secretary Sergio Mantecón has gained weight and the confidence of the owner, who increasingly takes his recommendations into account. Learning from mistakes is a virtue, although the final decision and negotiations are always carried out by the Argentine owner.


The template was lame on the left side

Since the season began, it was possible to verify that Elche was lame in a position such as that of left back. In the summer, the Elche club and the then coach, Fran Escribá, decided that Josema, despite being a central defender, could play the role of temporary replacement for Mojica. However, the Murcian, whose commitment and waste cannot be discussed, had a hard time adapting to that position. Enduring the entire season with only the Colombian would have been almost suicide. For this reason, he has decided to bring in a proven left back, who knows Spanish football and has already shown that he can play in the First Division, such as Lucas Olaza.

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Bragarnik does not give away candy and, in the end, the operation has been closed under the conditions proposed by the owner of the Elche club. An assignment, with a purchase option, if its performance is satisfactory. In addition, if Olaza offers a good level, he could stay as the first sword before a possible sale of Mojica in the summer. He has a clause of only 5.5 million and his brilliant season makes the Colombian international attractive to other teams. The Royal Society follows him closely.


Francisco already loved Kike Pérez when he was at Girona

Another of the footballers that the franjiverde squad lacked was a midfielder with an organizational cut, who handled the ball well and reached the opposite area. Kike Pérez is a player that Francisco already wanted to sign when he trained Girona and began to stand out at Valladolid.

The new franjiverde soccer player is a bet in which Elche has much more to gain than to lose. The midfield was covered with Omar Mascarell, Gumbau, Raúl Guti and Marcone. The Argentine was able to leave, but, in the end, he did not. Kike Pérez was playing little with Pacheta in the Pucelano team and that has facilitated his incorporation.

It arrives to provide more competition and have a player with different characteristics in the creation line. He can also play further up the pitch and has a good ball kick. If he explodes at Martínez Valero, the Elche club has reserved a purchase option and, if he doesn’t, there are enough players in his position not to depend on him. I mean, a safe bet.

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Ezequiel Ponce, another bet for the present and the future

In conditions similar to those of Kike Pérez, the signing of Ezequiel Ponce has taken place. The young Argentine was not having a good time at Spartak Moscow, due to an injury that has kept him off the pitch for three months. Bragarnik has considered that it was the right time to bring, in acceptable conditions, a player who he hopes will make a leap in quality at Martínez Valero and return to being the footballer who bought Roma and was transferred to the Russian team.

Even before the unexpected departure of Lucas Pérez, despite the departure of Benedetto, Elche’s attack was also covered, so it was not necessary for Ponce to offer an immediate performance. Now you have to push harder to recover. The owner of the Elche club has seen it as an option for the present and the future. That is why another purchase option has been reserved. If he hatches, he can even be an important player for next season, especially in the event that Lucas Boyé is sold, if a great offer arrives. In that sense, Christian Bragarnik has also had a long-term perspective.


Outings with an economic benefit for the club

The departures of Benedetto and Lucas Pérez have been caused more by the players than by Elche himself. The Argentine striker wanted to return to Boca Juniors after his brief stage in the Elche team was not being the desired one. And the departure of the Galician attacker has been produced by his own insistence and will. The owner of the franjiverde entity is aware that both were two of the star signings of last summer, but that they had lost prominence and that, lately, they were not being essential in the team. Lucas Pérez was playing, but he lacked scoring ability. He has kept the two goals he scored in his first two games.

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Bragarnik has saved an important record with Benedetto and with Lucas Pérez, he has taken out almost a million euros and releases another high payroll. The Argentine investor has always been a master at obtaining economic benefits and, now, in Elche, being the owner, he is still looking for it with even more reason. But without losing sporting potential. Proof of this is that he has not sold Lucas Boyé. Yet another consistent decision.

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