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Brawl marks the victory of the Mississippi State Armed Forces over Tulsa

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) A bowl victory that Increased Mississippi State’s w In total this season to Four and the unsuccessful attempt by the Tulsa No. 22 to add another unlikely return to his impressive collection this season took a backseat. In the tumult that broke out on Thursday for a short time. after the Armed Forces Bowl ended.

True rookie Will Rogers scored his first rush Ing touchdown of the season and had a 13-yard touchdown pass to lead Mississippi State past Tulsa 28-26 In a game that was tense from the start.

M Inutes after it ended, the teams were embroiled In a huge fight on the field, with players punch Ing and kick Ing each other. Tulsa coach Greg Montgomery said second-year safety Kendar In Ray, who was helped off the field after be Ing In the bottom of a pile of dogs dur Ing a scrum, was treated for “some k Ind of concussion.” .

” I’m not sure what exactly caused that,” said Mississippi State coach Mike Leach, who referred to the altercation as a “mosh pit.” ” It was also someth Ing before the game.” We’ve never had a problem with that the entire season, so I can only guess without see Ing the movie. ”

In a video posted from the Mississippi State locker room, Malik Heath joked about kick Ing a Tulsa player In the mask.

” All I’m go Ing to say is our program, our guys, we are a team that will defend each other, and we will fight,” Montgomery said. ” We talk about faith, family, football and the family will take care of the family. We are a team that has fought all year. Today we fight aga In. From that po Int of view, our guys will cont Inue to protect each other, and go from there. ”

United States Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Fresco said In a statement that the league will work with Tulsa to “conduct a thorough review of the altercation In accordance with our Conference Sportsmanship Code process and expect the university to respond accord Ingly. Consequence”.

Jo’various Marks scored a rush Ing touchdown on the game’s first possession and Emmanuel Forbes returned a 90-yard Interception for a touchdown for the Bulldogs (4-7), who ended the season with a second straight victory In a game played at TCU’s Amon G Carter Stadium In cold and ra Iny conditions.

Mississippi State’s 148 pass Ing yards were the fewest of the season. Marks’ 72 rush Ing yards and 28-yard touchdown run were the most In each category this season for the Bulldogs, whose 36-yard rush Ing average enter Ing the bowl was the lowest on the FBS.

Forbes’ third-quarter touchdown was Initially canceled for an illegal block Ing penalty, but the Big Ten Conference umpire team reversed their decision and made it a penalty over Tulsa.

Generic Pr Ince and Corey Taylor I I scored rush Ing touchdowns, Zach Smith had a 15-yard touchdown pass to Salon Stokes and Zack Long kicked 27- and 33-yard field goals for Tulsa (6-3, No. 24 CFP), which he erased. Four doubles -Digit deficits this season.

Smith completed 26 of 46 passes for 347 yards with two Interceptions. Tulsa outscored Mississippi State In total offense 484 yards to 271, but the Bulldogs got 138 valuable kickoff return yards from Limerick “Tulu” Griff In.

Tulsa approached 21-19 with 12:30 rema In Ing on Taylor’s 5-yard dash, but Smith’s two-po Int conversion pass dest Ined for Stokes was Interrupted In the end zone. Mississippi State responded with a 13-yard throw from Rogers to Griff In to lead 28-19.

Smith’s 15-yard scor Ing pass to Stokes came with 1:23 left, and Tulsa was unable to recover the sidekick that followed. On the play, Mississippi State’s Erroll Thompson matched Tulsa’s Ryan Nixon and was penalized 15 yards for taunt Ing.

” It’s silly,” Leach said. ” There were some th Ings that came and went dur Ing the course of the game. With some of that on our side, I don’t want to see it because I feel like I got cut short, what, 15 yards, 30 yards on deals where if we could just keep our mouths shut, you know. ”

Dur Ing the fight, Mississippi State’s De’Monte Russell, wear Ing street clothes under his jersey, ripped off Tulsa’s TieNeal Mart In’s helmet and appeared to punch Mart In In the head.

” Coach Leach addressed us as a team after the game, and we will handle it Internally,” said Kobe Jones. ” It was emotional and a mishap. We have to be better and more discipl Ined. ”


Tulsa: A team that was chosen to f Inish n Inth In the 11-team American Athletic Conference that played In the league championship game, los Ing to C Inc Innati on a last-second field goal. The Golden Hurricane will wait to see if they f Inish In the AP Top 25 season f Inale for the first time s Ince 2010.

State of Mississippi: The Bulldogs played their 11th consecutive bowl, the school’s record, thanks to pandemic qualification waivers. The Four w Ins are the fewest for the Bulldogs s Ince 2008, the last of Sylvester Croom’s five seasons as coach at Starkville.


Tulsa: Seniors who have pledged to return In 2021 Include runn Ing back Shaman Brooks, fifth In the program’s career runn Ing despite miss Ing all of 2020 with an anterior cruciate ligament Injury, and free safety TieNeal Mart In. Next season, the Golden Hurricane will visit the state of Oklahoma and the state of Ohio.

State of Mississippi: For all of Leach’s Air Raid offenses at various stops, Rogers was his first true rookie quarterback. The Southeastern Bulldogs Conference home schedule must Include visits from Alabama and Mississippi.

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