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Brazil: A new Lula to remake a country in rubble? | Opinion

T-shirts with the image of Lula in a protest against Jair Bolsonaro, on June 19.
T-shirts with the image of Lula in a protest against Jair Bolsonaro, on June 19.PILAR OLIVARES / Reuters

It is becoming clearer every day that Bolsonarism is weakening. There is also a convergence in the polls that today Lula would be the only candidate capable of defeating, even in the first round, the captain who threatens to destroy the values ​​of democracy and give way to coup solutions.

The first movements seem to happily indicate that Lula has understood that he needs to resurface more than as a traditional politician as a statesman capable of rethinking the country, which is no longer the same because the world is in labor pains waiting for a new era to come. the one that we still don’t know with which name to baptize, but that will surely be different.

Lula will need to offer the nation a program not with old useless and worn out promises but with a new project of radical transformation that allows him to stand alongside the countries in transformation.

In his first steps, he seems to have understood that the first thing is to tear from the president the pillars on which he relies today, such as the military, the evangelicals and the world of business and finance. And it is beginning to do so. You are, for example, opening a dialogue with the world of money. It has also begun to make the vast world fall in love with the evangelical churches that had been conquered by Bolsonarism.

Lula has just made, for example, a profession of Christian faith that he had never made with such emphasis. He has confessed that without the faith that his mother instilled in him, he would never have been able to overcome his difficulties, especially in prison where faith in Jesus, he said, had sustained him. It has been a clear message of outreach to evangelicals that is beginning to bear fruit as the latest polls already indicate a visible loss of these churches to Bolsonarism. In one of the polls, Lula would already have the majority of the votes in that field, which in large part brought Bolsonaro to power.

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And finally the delicate world of the Armed Forces today with the captain who has placed in the State more than ten thousand soldiers whom he calls his own. Lula has already reminded the Army that during his two terms in the government “he never had problems” with him and that he would not have any if he returns to power.

When Lula came to the government, he knew how to transform himself from a bearded toad and a rebel unionist into a democratic politician surrounded by prepared and plural people, as well as into the leader of the social reforms that made him finish his terms with 80% approval and that he managed to elect a his successor Dilma Rousseff the first woman president of Brazil.

It would, however, be a mistake for Lula to return to power and want to be a sticker of the past. And this because he needs to remember that together with his indisputable triumphs, serious mistakes took place in his two governments, such as the purchase of politicians and parties to have a majority in Congress that led to scandals such as the monthly, how many headaches it cost him.

In these hours when he is preparing for a possible return to power, Lula cannot forget that he arrives with his party weakened since he was not able at the time to re-found it after having gentrified.

Democracy in Brazil is in danger today, as threats of coups sound every hour, under the silence and apathy of a large part of Congress and the judiciary. Hence the urgency of an increasingly massive and critical presence of society that opposes barbarism and the return of the dark times where freedoms were sacrificed and blood and torture ran.

If Lula returns to power, as the polls seem to indicate, he will have to remember that today’s Brazil is no longer the one that he ruled for so many years and that it is urgent to make the reforms that his governments did not carry out and that are fundamental for a new national project. .

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Among these reforms are those of the State and politics, since a Congress with more than 30 parties without ideology is unthinkable today, something that does not exist anywhere else in the world. A serious tax reform is needed so that the wealthiest and the great fortunes pay the highest taxes as it happens in all democracies.

With the emergence of the neo-Nazi extreme right, the world needs to be seen with new and attentive eyes to know how to stand on the arm of the countries that remain faithful in the defense of democratic values ​​today in danger.

Lula, if he leads the country again, will have to wear the suit of the statesman and not just that of a politician clinging to the old corrupt practices that hurt society so badly and led him to condemn and abandon politics as a whole.

Lula will need to surround himself with a team from the world of thought and work capable of rethinking and remaking a new Brazil that comes out purified of the rubble left by Bolsonarism. And you must think that new technologies are changing the world of work which will force the old unions to recycle. Today the problem is not, for example, the defense of the employees, but that of the unemployed as well as the birth of a new concept of work very different from the past.

If Bolsonaro said that he had come to “deconstruct” Brazil and is doing it in the worst sense of the word, Lula will have to ensure that, on the contrary, he wants to return to rebuild a country that the former captain has left strewn with rubble after having ruined all institutions such as education, culture, foreign relations, environment, human rights and freedom of expression.

For a new country project, a great social reform will be essential that is not only alms for the poor, food scraps from the plates of the rich. It is necessary to convert the mass of poor with low culture into a new middle class born of the novelty of the technological age.

Brazil is rich enough in resources that it makes it unimaginable and cruel for a single child to go hungry. Brazil with a new national project could be the Canada of Latin America where not only is there no hunger but where the majority enter a middle class capable of living with dignity and the possibility of fulfillment.

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Brazil is, for example, a country with millions of young people left to their own devices called to perpetuate the material and cultural poverty of their parents. That tragedy needs to be eliminated. Every young Brazilian who leaves his country in search of opportunities that he does not find here is a slap in the face of the political class.

To win, Lula must appear not only as the leader of the PT and of the left, but also as the candidate of all democratic forces, since it is clear that the presidential elections will be a plebiscite between humanism and barbarism, modernity and backwardness, democracy and Nazi-fascism. They will be elections threatened with social convulsions because the root Bolsonarismo, although weakened, is still alive and will refuse to leave power.

Lula, for now, is doing well without already appearing in the campaign as a candidate who is not yet, but differentiating himself from Bolsonaro who despises all electoral norms and constitutional rules, challenging democracy and appearing only in electoral campaign.

Outside of Lula, until today another democratic candidate capable of dethroning the president has not appeared. Thus grows the responsibility of the old ex-unionist who will need a metamorphosis to appear in the fight against Bolsonaro as a representative not only of the PT and the left but also of all the democratic forces that are already in mass demonstrations, raising the flag that says: “Out Bolsonaro ”.

Every hour more visibly irascible and uncontrolled, Bolsonaro begins to feel that the earth is moving under his feet and that dark ghosts of corruption begin to threaten his sick hallucinations of absolute power.

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