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Brazil-Argentina: from shame to suspicion for the shortest classic in the world

The footballers of Brazil and Argentina, after the interruption of the match.

The footballers of Brazil and Argentina, after the interruption of the match.

The shortest Brazil-Argentina in history still causes blush and annoyance. The interruption of the game at five minutes by members of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has also given way to the suspicion that something more than the breach of a protocol that forced the deportation of the four players who had transgressed it has been at stake.

The FIFA has so far been ambiguous. He barely recorded his lament for “the scenes” seen in São Paulo. The agency advised that it has begun to collect information to determine “at the time” the responsibilities. Delegates of the regional federation (Conmebol) already sent to Zurich everything that happened on the eve and during the short-lived match.

The report gives an account of the negotiations with the Brazilian Confederation (CBF) and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) to apply the same protocol that Conmebol designed for the America’s Cup played in that country last July, the qualifying rounds and the continental competitions. After the incident, the CBF put all the blame on Anvisa and the Police, in addition to expressing its “surprise” at what had happened. Luis Curro, a columnist for the São Paulo newspaper ‘Folha’, believes that “there was incompetence and inaction on the Brazilian side, “but he has also observed” falsehood and deception on the Argentine side and a general negligence, on the part of governments and soccer entities, in relation to the risks of the pandemic. ”

The law and the exception

The regulations stipulate that “if a federation withdraws, if a match cannot be played or if it is suspended permanently due to force majeure,” it is FIFA that must decide “discretionary“The actions it deems necessary. However, what happened at the Corinthians stadium has an unusual peculiarity: the Argentine team left the field of play forced by an order from the referee and Conmbebol. Therefore, it has been pointed out, cannot lose points.

There is already speculation that FIFA will rule once both teams qualify for the Qatar World Cup. The South American classic, said the Rio de Janeiro newspaper Or Balloon, maybe it will never be played and it will be without result.

The political plot

For the Buenos Aires daily Página 12, last Sunday’s episode “was the open sky explosion of a cluster of situations other than strictly sports“, among them the friction between the CBF and FIFA and” the tough quarrel between the European leagues and associations with FIFA and Conmebol over the transfer of South American players for the qualifying rounds. ”

But, in addition, the Brazilian political situation creeps in. The Ultra-right government did not hesitate to seek help from football at the most delicate moment of a pandemic that has already killed 584,000 people by covid-19. Last July it opened the doors of the country for the Copa América to be played. The sanitary negligence of his management is analyzed by an investigative commission of the Senate that can open the doors of a political trial against the retired captain.

The Argentine “bandits”

‘O Globe’ has recorded that on the eve of the match, Anvisa informed the football federation and Conmebol that four Argentine players were being investigated for providing false information to the agency and were required to comply with the quarantine. Representatives of the CBF and the regional entity “they said they were in talks with the government to get an exception to that rule. ”

The negotiations were carried out before the Minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, and did not prosper. A few minutes after the match was suspended, the senator Flavio Bolsonaro, hijo of President Jair Bolsonaro, described the Argentines as “bandits” and asked that they be severely punished. And as if he were a barrabrava, he added in another trill: “Pele is bigger than Maradona! Brazil is five times world champion!” With that same swashbuckling style His father will speak on Tuesday in two Bolsonarian acts that are seen as a threat to democracy.

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