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Brazil exceeds 15 million cases confirmed by Covid-19


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Brazil opposes the suspension of vaccine patents against Covid-19 and defends a “third way”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Carlos Alberto França, assured this Thursday that the Brazilian Government opposes the lifting of the protection offered by patents on vaccines developed against the coronavirus, although it leaves the door open to change your mind while defending a “third way”.During a public hearing in the Senate, França stated that the Administration will analyze the new position of the United States in reference to this matter, and that if it is to “serve the interests of the country,” the position now adopted could be modified.In this sense, he has advocated a “third proposal or a third way”, since he has defended that the greatest bottleneck currently for access to immunizers and supplies are the material limits of production capacity, not aspects related to the violation of intellectual property.


Colombia confirms for the second consecutive day less than 400 deaths from Covid

Colombian health authorities reported 399 new deaths from covid-19 on Thursday, which represents a second consecutive day below the 400 barrier, although it already has 76,414 deaths and 2,951,101 cases throughout the country since the pandemic began. .According to the daily bulletin of the health entity, the highest number of deaths occurred in Antioquia (79), Bogotá (70), Atlántico (52), Valle del Cauca (33), Cundinamarca (19), Santander (17) and Córdoba and La Guajira (15).Bogotá again had the highest number of infections with 4,724 of the 16,490 reported today, followed by the departments of Antioquia (2,106), Atlántico (1,614), Bolívar (843), Valle del Cauca (717), Cundinamarca (672) and Córdoba (660).


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Argentina exceeds 3.09 million cases and 66,000 deaths from Covid-19

Argentina registered 24,086 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Thursday, bringing the total number of positives to 3,095,582, while deaths rose to 66,263, after 399 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.The number of known infections today marks an increase with respect to those reported this Wednesday, when 24,079 cases were reported.Argentina registered a daily record of positives on April 16, with 29,472 infections, and a maximum daily number of deaths last Wednesday, with 663 deaths.


Brazil exceeds 15 million cases confirmed by Covid-19

Brazil exceeded 15 million infections this Thursday and was close to 417,000 deaths from covid-19, after registering 73,380 new cases and 2,550 deaths associated with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, according to official figures released by the Government.Since the first contagion, on February 26, and from the first death, on March 12, both in Sao Paulo, the country now has 15,003,563 confirmed cases and 416,949 deaths from covid-19.The Ministry of Health, in its most recent epidemiological bulletin, indicated that between Wednesday and Thursday there was a slight increase in the number of infected (+0.11%) and a reduction in the number of daily deaths (-9.28 %), compared to the previous 24 hours.

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