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Brazil registers nearly 4,000 deaths in one day

The Ministry of Health notified yesterday a transmission rate of 146.94 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days, two points less than yesterday, but it is due to a readjustment in the population base. Despite this change, Navarra and Madrid continue to be at extreme risk due to high incidence and Spain is on the verge of returning to a high risk threshold.

Currently there 3,275,819 cases and 75,305 deaths from coronavirus since the pandemic began in Spain, according to the daily report published by the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (Ccaes) of the Ministry of Health.




Brazil registers 3,780 new deaths from Covid-19, a new daily record

Brazil registered 84,494 new cases and 3,780 deaths associated with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, thus setting a new daily record of deaths, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday in its epidemiological bulletin.According to official government figures, the highest number of daily deaths in thirteen months of the pandemic was recorded between Monday and Tuesday, a figure that comes amid more severe measures of confinement, social isolation and closure of non-business activities. essential decreed by governors and mayors.In this way, Brazil, the second country in the world most affected by covid-19 after the US, now accumulates 317,646 deaths and 12,658,109 cases.


12 more people die from Covid-19 in Venezuela, according to the official count

In the last 24 hours, 12 more people died from Covid-19 in Venezuela, which equals, for the second consecutive day, the worst records in the country and raises the total number of deaths from the disease to 1,589, the Minister of Communication reported yesterday , Freddy Ñáñez.In the daily report issued by the Venezuelan state television channel (VTV), Ñáñez explained that the deceased were from the states of Mérida, Caracas, La Guaira, Aragua, Anzoátegui, Sucre, Lara and Guárico.The number of twelve deaths is the same as that registered by the authorities this Monday and last August 13, 2020, the days with the most deaths from the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.


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Mexico reports 807 new deaths and accumulates 202,633 deaths from coronavirus

Mexico registered 807 new deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours to accumulate a total of 202,633 deaths from the disease, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday.However, the official death toll may be much higher, since on March 28 the federal government itself reported in its most up-to-date report on the “excess mortality” that the country had registered 294,287 deaths associated with the coronavirus as of March 13. February, after studying death certificates.Based on these data and those reported daily, the country would easily exceed 300,000 deaths from coronavirus, a figure that would place it at the same level as Brazil, second behind the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.


Uruguay adds 2,877 new cases of coronavirus and exceeds 100,000 accumulated

Uruguay added 2,877 new cases of coronavirus yesterday and reached 102,461 accumulated infections since the health emergency was decreed on March 13, 2020.This is indicated in the daily report presented by the National Emergency System (Sinae), in which it is detailed that 1,664 infections were registered yesterday in the 17,864 analyzes carried out, although 1,213 not previously reported due to delay in the laboratories were accumulated.In addition, it points out that 25 people died from Covid-19, so the death toll reached 953.


Quito and Guayaquil intensify restrictions due to the rise in infections

The municipalities of Quito and Guayaquil, the two largest cities in Ecuador, yesterday intensified restrictions on mobility and use of public space due to an increase in infections that have put their health services on the ropes.The first to apply exceptional measures has been the coastal Guayaquil, whose cantonal Committee for Emergency Operations, chaired by the mayor Cynthia Viteri, has considered them necessary to “slow down the transmission rate of the Covid 19 virus” and so that “the city regain capacity in your hospital network ».Among the measures of greater caliber, the restriction of business and office hours until 4:00 p.m. local time and with previously approved capacity, all until April 10, according to a statement from the Municipality.


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Colombia adds 7,952 new cases of coronavirus and two million vaccinated

Colombia added another 7,952 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, 176 deaths and completed two million vaccinated, reported the health authorities who continue to warn of the need to comply with biosafety controls to slow the expansion of the pandemic.With the new data, the country accumulates 2,397,731 infections, while 63,255 people have died from covid-19.Regarding infections, the highest number reported today corresponds to Antioquia (2,299), followed by Atlántico with (1,986), Bogotá (1,580), Valle del Cauca (497), Magdalena (324), Caldas (196), Santander (131) , Cundinamarca (113), Córdoba (100) and Cesar (96).


Argentina confirms 10,154 cases of Covid-19 and 125 new deaths

Argentina confirmed 10,154 cases of Covid-19 yesterday, so the total number of positives rose to 2,332,765, while deaths amounted to 55,736, after 125 more deaths were confirmed.According to the daily evening report of the Ministry of Health, in the past day 685 cases were counted that the province of Corrientes (northeast) had pending and that correspond to ten days in January.In this way, the daily positives experienced a drop of close to 4,000 cases after the highest number of infections since October was recorded on Monday.


Bolivia works on an “epidemiological blockade” on the border with Brazil

The Bolivian government is working on an “epidemiological blockade” with brigades of doctors and vaccinations on the border with Brazil to avoid infections with the variant of Covid-19 from that country.The Vice Minister of Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María Renee Castro, reported yesterday that brigades were deployed in the regions bordering Brazil to carry out this “epidemiological blockade.”“We have brought huge amounts of medicines, supplies, biosafety equipment, vaccines, that is, we have brought a well-armed contingent, we have delivered nasal antigen tests to make the timely diagnosis,” the deputy minister explained at a press conference in La Paz .


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Costa Rica has vaccinated 7.44% of its population against Covid-19

The Costa Rican authorities reported yesterday that 7.44% of the country’s population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine since December 24 when the vaccination campaign began.Data released by the state Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) indicate that 384,355 people have received at least one dose. Of that total, 224,092 have received one dose and 160,263 already have the two doses that complete the vaccination schedule.With these data, this country of 5 million inhabitants reaches a vaccination rate of 7.44 per 100 inhabitants, explained the CCSS. In men the rate is 6.8 and in women 8.1.

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