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Brazil’s political slogan for the elections: “Anyone is better than Bolsonaro” | Opinion

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks during a ceremony at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia this Wednesday.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks during a ceremony at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia this Wednesday.UESLEI MARCELINO / Reuters

Despite the fact that the presidential elections are a year and a half away, all Brazilian politics is with its eyes set on that date to know whether or not Bolsonaro will be re-elected and thus be able to recover democratic normality, today threatened.

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro continues to cherish his dream that, before reelection, people will take to the streets to be able to use the Armed Forces that he calls his army. The worst thing the president wants is to generate street riots caused by the millions of Brazilians who every day enter the hell of hunger and unemployment. His dream is that there is a rebellion to use force and to take revenge on the governors and mayors who with the pandemic have been forced to follow the slogans of science and medicine.

The president needs enemies, real or invented, against whom to war.

Hence his insistence on threatening the use of the Army. When he says that pandemic medicine could lead people to “loot markets and provoke violence,” forcing him to use the Army, he gives the impression that it is a provocation.

It is curious that I accuse the governors and mayors of having caused hunger and unemployment in the country to combat the pandemic. His thesis is that this would be a way to blame him for having bankrupted the economy and thus weaken him in view of the reelection he dreams of day and night. It seems that all his decisions are called to combat the fear of losing the power to which he arrived despite his insignificance as a politician and as a statesman and that has dragged Brazil to be before the world an outcast who, despite being capable with his riches from feeding half the world, allows half the population to suffer from hunger.

If Bolsonaro were a normal head of state, what he should have done by now, as the president of the United States, Joe Biden is doing, is to assess the great fortunes and increase the taxes of the richest so that no one, despite the health crisis , go through difficulties and are forced to dig in garbage dumps in search of food scraps.

Bolsonaro does not need to invent enemies or to blame for the tragedy that plagues the country. What it would need and does not have is the political or administrative capacity to govern a country that, being one of the greatest powers in the world, leaves millions of people suffering from hunger.

The more than 400,000 deaths from the pandemic, which, according to experts, could reach one million, represent a sad and gloomy procession of coffins for which there are no longer enough cemeteries. Society knows that part of the blame for this massacre lies with the president. Petitions to remove him from power continue to rain in Congress while the Senate has just opened an investigation into his conduct in managing the crisis.

Is it possible that in the face of all this failure in the government, the captain may come to dispute re-election and the military continue with him at the cost of staining the institution? Sad paradox that Brazil is forced to endure. Even when? That the world of the market and finance do not continue to flirt with Bolsonaro’s warlike follies because they could be the first to pay the price for his lack of government. For now, the participation of foreign capital in Brazil has fallen from 70% to 30% in recent years.

Every day that passes and that Brazil lets the president with impunity continue with his policy of war and dragging the country into despair of hunger and unemployment, which already punishes half the population, is an unjust blow for a country that he asks for bread and work and in return receives weapons and threats of civil war. That is not the true Brazil that the world has already admired. It is the sad caricature of what was his glory and his power.

Brazil is at a dangerous crossroads. The country urgently needs national and international reconciliation. These are two measures that each day that passes by this Government, which is already a military Government, seem more distant. Brazil is, in effect, increasingly far from those who govern it from making the country regain its unity and world prestige.

Bolsonaro’s policy is to confront the Brazilians. Brazil needs today to be able to get out of the Bolsonarist quagmire a new dictionary with lost words such as dialogue, trust, fraternity, joy, desires for improvement, friendship and justice with those most in need. He needs to rescue his will to live and improve himself (yes, also the children of the porters and the domestic workers, generally all black, Minister Guedes).

Brazil needs more poetry and less poisoned prose. It needs more culture and better education, but that is increasingly distant with a president and a government with a vocabulary full of negative words. His dictionary is full of terms like confrontation, war, enemies, threats. All this because the psychic mood of the boss It is to threaten, confront and sow tares on social networks, offering large doses of poison every day.

As an anonymous general explained, Bolsonaro, as an Army paratrooper, always liked “storms” more than calm weather. He loved danger and never normality. He was always a worshiper of death more than life, of violence than of peace. And so he reached the peak of power.

Where the president treads, he leaves the traces of his love of danger, of his genocidal dreams rather than of the recovery of life and harmony. Remind the student in class that they love to sow discord, challenge discipline, and, if necessary, even use physical violence.

Let the politicians who bet on democracy and wish to return to the country values ​​that were always typically Brazilian and that are being trampled upon, do not forget it in these crucial hours. Let the politicians who bet on the recovery of the country’s harmony and its rescue from hell forget that they are pushing it with the illusory recipe that the best thing would be to leave the president to “bleed out” so that he arrives “weakened.” to the elections. That is just a pipe dream. If they do not do something before, no matter how worn out they get, they will end up winning the elections because they will have all the powerful machine of the State and the support of the Army, the police forces and the militiamen who never abandon it, as well as their warrior hosts. who still make up 30% of the electorate and who are blind and deaf to any attempt to turn the captain into a dialoguing politician capable of renouncing his instincts of psychopathic violence.

Bolsonaro prefers, as the general says, storms and war to the values ​​of democracy and civilization. Bolsonaro is doing the miracle of longing for the return to the political scene of figures who seemed worn out forever like the ineffable and incombustible, Renán Calheiros. And even Lula. The slogan that has been created today in Brazil is: “Anyone is better than Bolsonaro.” Nothing more humiliating for a politician who has a minimum of dignity.

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