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Break down barriers on two wheels and at full speed

Aitor Sánchez and his brother Borja pose with the helmets with which they practice motorcycling

Aitor Sánchez and his brother Borja pose with the helmets with which they practice motorcycling
Victor Echave

Aitor was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was two and a half years old. Now 10, he’s an expert at monitoring his sugar levels and gauging his feelings. Except that he lifts his shirt to show the belt bag in which you wear your insulin pump, a mechanism that supplies him with this substance in a continuous and regulated manner 24 hours a day, leads a life like any other child his age. He likes football. And the motorcycles. A sport for which he has his idol, with the permission of Marc Márquez, at home. His brother is Borja Sánchez, the Abegondo rider who has already reached the Superbike World Championship. But the admiration is mutual. So much so that the oldest has prepared, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, which is this Saturday, a very special tribute. Next Saturday will open the doors of your KSB school, located in King’s Hill, a ten children between 8 and 14 years old with this same disease that, completely free of charge, will get on both wheels to, at full speed, overcome obstacles and knock down barriers.

“The squares were covered very quickly,” says the Coruña. “Now we are looking for the suits, boots, helmets and gloves for all, that we have it practically complete “, he adds before thanking the collaboration of both Juancho Romero and the circuit and the Outeiro de Rei council to carry out this initiative.” The objective is to make them aware that they can do the sport they like even if they have diabetes, “he points out. They will have the testimony of Dani Albero, who in 2019 became the first pilot with diabetes to participate in the Dakar Rally, as well as testimonies from the World Championship motorcycle riders.” At the moment it looks very good. well and I hope that on the 21st we will have a great time with them, “he says.

The best example is also at home. Aitor, with ten years, plays football and, an admirer of Aketxe and Messi, does not perform badly in his position as winger or tip. In fact, two years ago he attended a national championship for children with diabetes – a germ of the idea now developed by his brother – and was elected best player in Spain with this disease. As it is still not possible to play matches in his category due to the restrictions derived from the coronavirus, he has finally decided to get on the motorcycle after seeing his brother go around half the world. “He’s been coming for two or three months and train like other kids. It gives them cane. And they to him, “he assures.

The little boy, who speaks quite naturally, indicates that tires less on both wheels than on the pitch: “On the motorcycle I don’t stop more than the other children. If I’m high I regulate myself and unless I’m low, I don’t stop anymore.” But he can’t decide on just one of the two. “They are different things, I don’t like either one more or the other. Some day I have more fun in football and others in motorcycles,” he says. That would have to be the universal language of children.

In fact, he confesses with his rogue face that “sometimes” you forget to check your levels “for fun”. It is just a slip because it is handled perfectly: “In the morning I prick to calibrate the sensor and also at night. Every six days I change the sensor and every three, the reservoir. Without forgetting to always carry a juice with me.” “He takes care of himself so much that he is like a bull,” says his brother Borja in admiration. And that is the question. To turn a supposed weakness to turn it into a strength.

The dream of the World Cup, postponed a year

Borja Sánchez decided with his family and team not to finish the World Superbike Championship, in which competed in the Supersport300 category, due to all the circumstances surrounding this atypical season marked by the coronavirus. Now 20 years old, he continues to receive offers to get back on the bike, but he waits patiently for his time to come. It is increasingly difficult to find a sponsor, public aid is scarce and without the support of a good company it is difficult to reach the best seats in the contest, but doesn’t give up on a dream that started when he was only six and that has already taken him much further than he ever dreamed of, such as stepping on several World Cup podiums. The Coruña is focused on another project that fulfills him as much or even more at the KSB BS21 pilot school in Outeiro de Rei, in addition to finish their studies and carry out internships. Things of a normal boy that when he gets on two wheels he gets to 200 kilometers per hour of speed.

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