Sunday, December 10

Brian Flores and Matt Nagy will likely have second chances

A lot to do, with 18-team seasons over and 14 more gearing up for the playoffs …


• Over the past few weeks, there were rumors that the Dolphins could shake up what had become a somewhat dysfunctional setup, but few bet Brian Flores would be the one to take the bullet. So why has he done it? Well, my feeling is that if organizational alignment was the goal, ownership would seek stability on the exploration side and stability on the coach’s side, and make a decision from there. In the first, general manager Chris Grier worked at the organization for 22 years, and his exploration staff has been fairly static since he took over the reins three years ago. In the latter, Flores had gone through three offensive coordinators and three offensive line coaches, and even had multiple offensive plays on points this year (quarterbacks coach Charlie Frye handled it early on, OC George Godsey later in the season. season). Now the other side of that? In the past two years, Flores’ defense was one of the best in the NFL, and the tweaks on offense were, in part, to overcome some personnel errors and the deficiencies of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. So, ideally, I’d give everyone another year, unless I think the situation is unworkable, and that’s the point, obviously, that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross got to.

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