Thursday, January 20

Brian Kelly’s departure from Notre Dame could affect Fighting Irish’s CFP ranking, says Gary Barta

The latest rankings for the college football playoffs were released Tuesday, and Notre Dame (11-1) missed a spot in the top four, coming in at No. 6.

Following the reveal of the rankings on ESPN, College Soccer Playoff committee chair Gary Barta joined the show to discuss the top 25. A topic of conversation was Brian Kelly’s recent departure from Notre Dame to move to LSU. He won’t coach Notre Dame if he makes the playoffs, so how would his absence affect the Fighting Irish rankings?

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Selection committee protocol for missing players and coaches did not apply to the latest rankings, as Notre Dame will not play this weekend. Therefore, Fighting Irish’s No. 6 ranking was not determined by Kelly’s news. However, Barta said it could have an impact on Notre Dame’s ranking in the final standings on Sunday.

“This week it was not applied. … Once the championship games are over, our protocol includes the possibility for the committee to consider that a player or coach is not available, “said Barta. via

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Due to the protocol Barta mentioned, Notre Dame will most likely hire and / or announce an interim coach at the end of the week, or at least before the committee meeting next Tuesday. Still, that might not help in the case of Notre Dame.

Independent Notre Dame is the only team in the top six that will not compete on conference championship weekend. Because of this, the Fighting Irish have a chance to climb the playoff standings, but need the help of No. 1 Georgia (12-0) to beat third-placed Alabama 11-1. Losses by one or both of No. 2 Michigan or No. 5 Oklahoma State would also benefit the Fighting Irish.

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For now, Notre Dame has to worry about appointing a new head coach.

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Barta also mentioned how the committee will have to decide whether Kelly’s absence has any factor in Notre Dame’s ranking evaluation next week. It may not be a factor, but more likely it is.

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