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«Bridges to the Sea», winner of the 200 Miles A2 of Altea

Altea (Alicante)



The 200 miles A2, organized by the Altea Yacht Club, started this past Friday, March 5. The two-man cruise fleet with 37 registered ships would travel the 200 miles that separate Altea from Ibiza with a low wind weather forecast.

Bridges to the Sea has been proclaimed absolute champion, being the second time that it has participated in this regatta considered the most complicated, tough and difficult in the Mediterranean and which is qualifying for the A2 Cruises Spanish Cup.

The start took place this past Friday at 12.00, the wind blew from the northeast with an intensity of 8 knots which allowed a spectacular start with a highly concentrated fleet during the initial section of the regatta that continued sailing east with good pressure of wind and led by a very concentrated group of 16 boats, between 4 and 7 knots of speed.

During the first two hours of the regatta, the Brujo (RCN Valencia) and the DKategoria (Valencia Mar / RCN Valencia), two of the largest boats, were in the lead at an average speed of 7 knots, followed by the Hydra (CN Balis) and Limbo (CN Altea).

The direction of the wind on the Altea-Ibiza route made Carlos Olsson and Felip Moll (Bridges to the Sea) take a upwind course, being an unfavorable course for the Pogo 2 since it is not designed for those conditions and that is how it suffers the most. , which made them arrive practically last in Ibiza.

Already in the vicinity of Ibiza, the 200 Mile A2 fleet encountered a significant disturbance on the first night of the voyage, producing the accordion effect, so the fleet regrouped and it could be said that the regatta started from new. However, the conditions changed and allowed them to sail back throughout the day.

Olsson and Moll (Bridges to the Sea) were able to take advantage of the calm by positioning themselves as close as possible to the next transition, whose tactic is widely used in the Classe Mini regattas in the Mediterranean, allowing them to advance little by little in favor of the current expected at the meeting of patterns and move as far as possible from the calm zone.

“From the north of Ibiza the winds were bearing and that favored us a lot in this type of boat and with two of us going, which usually only one in this class, it allowed us to squeeze the boat much more and get more out of it” commented Carlos Olsson, skipper of Koan – Bridges to the Sea.

Starting at La Mola, which meant going astern for the rest of the fleet, for Bridges to the Sea it was two pitches, which meant going faster in this type of boat designed for open courses. Taking advantage of this advantage over the rest, Olsson and Moll took a prolonged course towards the south to avoid the calm of the island and to be able to jibe and go a little more luffed, which was necessary to go faster than the other types of boats. This risky turnaround could have been decisive, but it worked out well and placed them at the top of the combined standings.

At around 7 pm last Saturday, the leading fleet approached the bay of Altea after more than 24 hours sailing. CN Balis’s Hydra was the first to cross the finish line at 7:20 p.m., thus becoming the winner in real time, followed by Brujo (RCN Valencia) who arrived at 7:36 p.m. and Trabuco (RCN Torrevieja) at 8:17 pm.

After obtaining the compensated times Bridges to the Sea, from CN Altea, it won the absolute final victory and, with this, its crew will win the two silver bars of 1kg each.

In the combined classification, second place went to Maverta, from RCN Torrevieja, manned by Jose Ballester and Andrés Manresa. In third position was El Carmén – Elite Sails by José Coello and Pablo García (RCR Cartagena).

For the fifth consecutive year, the Altea Nautical Club has put into play the Trophy for Clubs, which rewards the team that obtains the lowest score after the sum of the points of the three boats that achieve the best classification, and in this 35th edition it returns again the CN Altea team after a fight that was close with the Maverta, Trabuco and Slick of RCN Torrevieja, in which the boats of the Altea Nautical Club finally prevailed in first (Bridges to the Sea), fifth (Marina Seis) and eighth position (Aquasonic).

One more recognition has been given by the Altea Nautical Club in this regatta to the first mixed crew, the Slick boat of Nerea Goikoetxea and Juan López, who finished in sixteenth position.

Most of the fleet managed to finish the 200-mile a2 crossing and cross the line on Saturday night, which is rare as the arrival usually lasts until Sunday morning with irregular boat drips during the last hours of the regatta.

Today, Sunday 7th, the trophy ceremony will take place at the Altea Yacht Club, which will be held abroad and with the participating sailors as the only attendees, with no external audience; as a preventive measure against Covid-19 and to protect athletes, club users and residents of the region.

The first classified will be presented with 2 1 kg Silver bars, as well as the second and third classified will be given 2 500g Silver bars. and 2 silver bars of 250g, respectively. There will also be trophies for the 4th, 5th and 6th classified, for the first to navigate the complete route in real time and for the first Mixed crew.

This closes an edition of more than 200 miles a2 in Altea, a benchmark regatta in the world of sailing that has put more than 2000 sailors to the test under the harshest winter conditions in the Mediterranean since it began in 1987 .

The Altea Nautical Club is more than satisfied with the 35th edition of its star regatta and thanks all the sailors for their participation, who, despite the health situation and the calendar changes, have placed their trust in the regatta committee, thus finally attending at 200 miles a2.

Likewise, the club’s own competition team has a very good feeling after the result of Carlos Olsson, sailor and coach of CN Altea; which is embarked on the project of crossing the Atlantic alone and without external help. A project that has been initially promoted by the Altea Nautical Club, Dictum Abogados and Acastillage Diffusión Altea, and which currently has the main collaboration of Visit Altea, Yuasa, Sarch, Fitmii, Matos Studio, KaiSurf, CH Practicas Náuticas and PepePegatina.

The Pogo 2, after competing at the end of 2020 in Mini Class regattas and accumulating more than 4000 miles between regattas and transports, will participate in mid-September 2021 in the Mini Transat transoceanic regatta, which will take place in mid-September of 2021.

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