Tuesday, July 5

Brightness and eclipses at La Casa del Sol

At the top of the Plaza de San Jorge in Cáceres, Casa del Sol has been located since 1549, converted today into a worthy hotel complex with a hostel, gastronomic products shop and a restaurant that we access through a beautiful patio. On the first floor, a lobby with a bar, an open kitchen, an outdoor terrace that is great for summer nights, and two lounges with arches and vaults, large tables, comfortable chairs, and walls with alternating floral themes and wood.

The crockery, with containers of various sizes and colours, is made of
Robert Gordonthe magnificent cutlery is of
Pirinfarine and the glassware more than complies. And call me old, but in a restaurant of this category and price
you can not put paper napkins.


There are no aromas that welcome or smells that frighten, the bathrooms are correct, impersonal music plays and the acoustics are those of a palace from half a millennium ago: horrible. A study and its application to absorb conversations and seek harmony would not be expensive.


Elegant QR chart, detailed allergens, ideal temperature and lighting that is the opposite of acoustics: well studied and well resolved. The bread, current and without offer of varieties. “Do you have various types of bread?” we ask. “We have bread,” they reply. The staff, uniformed in black and white, welcoming and correct: they present the dishes from memory, what the menu says, and by ‘examining’ them about the wines, they resolve: they know the long list of wines by the glass, but they don’t comment, choose or recommend.

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The wine list is interesting and with a lot and good to choose from. Correct prices and 106 references. Of these, 20 from Extremadura, 14 foreign and wines from 31 regions and wine appellations. Although what stands out is its chosen and varied offer of wine by the glass. Finally a restaurant without the usual whites: “A little green and a semi-sweet”! Eight whites by the glass, eight reds and four sweets… Until now, we have not found anything similar in Extremadura. We had an Albariño Marieta that had lost its subtlety (Galician wines suffer a lot when leaving their environment), a godello O Luar do Sil, more toned, and a red Gotas de Habla at its point.

There was a menu with seasonal products off the menu and their specified prices, a detail that is appreciated, and they gave us some olives as a courtesy appetizer that we will not remember, a manzanilla oil from Cácereña Vieiru black bottle, which is not faulty, and a pickled mussel well worked.

First section of the menu: ‘To share’ (bluefin tuna tartare, sea bass ceviche, Casar cake and walnut or cheek croquettes, carpaccio, creamy secret rice and wild asparagus…). we take one
octopus salad and grilled potato, paprika mayonnaise and pickled carrot. It should be called octopus salad, but not octopus. The salad, nothing special, goes on one side, and a few slices of octopus rest on top. Neither fu nor fa.

Second section: ‘Our holm oak charcoal grill’: retinta sirloin steak, entrecôte and our request: a
Iberian pork with mashed aubergine and honey accompanied by glazed vegetables. The vegetables and sauces were simply entertaining, but the prey was perfect, on point, tasty and without the dressings ignoring or enhancing it.

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From the meat section (shoulder, steak tartare, suckling pig…) we didn’t order anything and from the fourth (fish), a
Alcantara-style cod. The product was top quality, the accompaniment, routine. We had some caramelized popcorn custard for dessert and a cheesecake that was outstanding. Three opinions to summarize: category environment, food with ups and downs and atmosphere, service and correct complements.


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