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Britain to fight to overturn legal ban on deportations of asylum seekers to Rwanda




Britain will fight any legal challenge to its deportation policy for asylum seekers to Rwanda and is confident that flights will be able to take off in the future, she said on Wednesday is a British minister.

Therese Coffey, Minister for Work and Pensionstold Sky News that the Government is already preparing the next flight, after the first departure was stopped late on Tuesday after a request from European judges.

Boris Johnson’s government had been forced to fight a series of legal challenges in London courts and believed it was ready to deport a handful of migrants in a charter plane to rwandabefore the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) intervened ‘in extremis’ and canceled his departure, scheduled for yesterday, Tuesday.

Demonstrators yesterday, against the policy of deportations outside the aerodrome
Demonstrators yesterday, against the policy of deportations outside the aerodrome – Reuters

Charities, political opponents and religious leaders
had accused the government of waging an “inhumane” battle
» against asylum seekers. The government argues that the policy will crush the business model of human smuggling networks.

However, Coffey told the BBC that the Government had been surprised by the intervention of the Justicebut was already preparing for the next flight.

“We still have to analyze, obviously, that sentence, decide the next legal steps, but also prepare the next flight,” he said. “The most important thing is that we address this issue right now, we will return, I am sure, to the ECHR to challenge this initial ruling,” she said. “We will prepare for the next flight.”

«The only ones who really benefit from this are the traffickers that frankly, as they push the boats around, they don’t really care whether people live or die.”

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For its part, the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel She has expressed herself along the same lines as her partner and has indicated that she was disappointed by the cancellation, but that she would not “dissuade herself from doing the right thing.” Thus, she has assured that her legal team «is reviewing each decision made; preparation for the next one starts now,” reports Ep.

“If it was a cruel measure, now it is illegal”

However, among those who welcomed the measure adopted ‘in extremis’ by the European court is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Jan, who has said on his official Twitter profile: « Sending people fleeing violence to a country thousands of miles away was already cruel and insensitive. It is also potentially illegal now,” added the Mayor of London, from the British Labor Party.

For his part, the former leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbynhas described as “devastating” the “inhumane” plans of the British Government. “Thank you to the many brilliant activists who have fought tirelessly for the rights of refugees,” he stressed on his official Twitter profile.

The UK reached an agreement with Rwanda in April to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to the East African country, in what is seen as an attempt to stem the flow of migrants making dangerous journeys across the English Channel from France.

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