Sunday, February 5

Britcher Has Started His 2022 Olympic Luge Competition – Live Updates

The Tail of the Dragon got the best of Glen Rock’s Summer Britcher on Monday morning.

The Susquehannock High School graduate struggled at the end of the race during the first race of the women’s luge competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The course is known as the Flying Snow Dragon and the final section of the course is known as the Tail of Dragon and is considered to be especially treacherous.

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Glen Rock’s Britcher lost control of his sled near the end of the race and was barely able to finish. She was lucky to get out of the race unscathed. She finished 29th out of 35 competitors in the field after the first race. Britcher finished that first race in 1:00.986.

Summer Britcher of the United States crashes during the first women's singles luge race at the 2022 Winter Olympics, Monday, February 7, 2022, in Beijing's Yanqing district.  (AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky)

Despite his first difficult race, Britcher seemed to take the performance in stride. He blew a kiss to the crowd and bowed to the cameras. He also thanked viewers for watching.

Britcher fared much better during his second race, finishing in 59.156 seconds, which was the 15th fastest time in the second race.

Overall after the first two races, Britcher is 26th with a combined time of 2:00.142.

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