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British Conservatives vote delayed due to risk of hacking


Affiliates are expected to start voting from the next day 11

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak during a debate.AP
  • United Kingdom The Rishi Sunak Debacle

The vote of the members of the British Conservative Party to elect the new leader of the formation, who will replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, has been delayed after identifying a risk of computer hacking in the electoral platform, reports this Wednesday the newspaper The Telegraph.

The affiliates – some 160,000 – were going to receive the ballot papers this week by mail, but the process has suffered a delay after an alert received by the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC, in English), adds the newspaper.

The NCSC is part of the British listening center GCHQ, one of three secret services in the UK, along with internal MI5 and external MI6.

It is expected that the affiliates can start voting from the next day 11, with a view to knowing the winner of the leadership – Rishi Sunak (former Minister of Economy) or Liz Truss (head of Foreign Affairs) – next September 5.

Under the voting plan, members would receive a ballot in the mail with a specific code, which they can then use to vote by mail or online.

As he was able to know Daily Telegraphthere were fears that “infamous actors” could change the votes of a large number of party members, with consequences for this democratic process.

“Defending UK democracy and the electoral process is a priority for the NCSC, and we work closely with all parliamentary political parties, local authorities and MPs to provide guidance and support on cyber security,” a spokesman told the newspaper. NCSC spokesperson.

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Apparently, according to the newspaper, there was not a specific threat from a hostile state, but rather a general warning about the vulnerability of the voting process.

In other elections, countries such as China, Russia and Iran have been accused of trying to influence votes., as was the case with the presidential elections in the US in 2020, says the newspaper. The newspaper adds that the affiliates received notification of the delay last night.

According to a latest poll by the YouGov firm on voting intentions among party members, Truss receives the highest amount of support, with 60% support compared to 26% for Sunak.

Supporters of the latter believe that if the Conservatives vote right away, Truss would be the biggest winner.

Johnson resigned last July after more than 50 members of his government resigned in protest at his management and the scandals that have dotted his leadership, such as the parties at the official Downing Street residence during the pandemic.

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