Friday, March 31

British Health Minister Thérèse Coffey criticized for smoking, being overweight and known as a party animal

Thérèse Coffey is not a name that resonates especially beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. But the controversy that surrounds it could be the same in any other country. Since she was appointed head of the Health portfolio by Prime Minister Liz Truss a month ago, compelling opinion articles have been written about her in the main headlines and talk shows regularly mention her on radio and television. The reason? The criticism she received after taking office for being a smoker, being overweight and known as a party animal. in the corridors of Westminster, Truss and Coffey, above, are known as ‘Liz and Tiz’, AFP In an interview on LBC, Nick Ferrari asked her if someone like her should be in charge of the ministry that looks after health of people, to which Coffey replied that she is not a “role model” when it comes to her personal health, but that in her work she will be focused on helping others. The media have spared no time and space to discuss the legitimacy of criticizing his obesity or his private habits, such as drinking alcohol, and while some defend that his image for that portfolio is not the best, others have pointed out that behind these opinions Negative are misogyny and fatphobia. Coffey is anti-abortionist due to his religious beliefs and in his day voted against gay marriage. Others have also been added to these criticisms that have to do with his performance and his decisions, such as not asking for more vaccines against monkeypox, although, on the other hand, his promise to reduce the wait for an appointment with a GP to two weeks is expected like rain in May. A close friend of Truss, for whom she served as campaign manager in the battle for the conservative leadership, she is also her closest political ally and therefore also holds the position of deputy prime minister. They are so united that in the corridors of Westminster they are known as ‘ Liz and Tiz ‘, and in addition to political ideology they also share hobbies, such as singing karaoke. “She has intellectual weight, she is firm in her opinions, she is very dedicated because she has a great sense of duty,” former deputy Louise Mensch, whom she met at Oxford University in 1989, said in statements to the newspaper ‘The Times’, when the minister studied chemistry. Like her friend Truss, she is a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher, who marked her years of youth and whose ideals led her not only to study the same as her at the same university, although she later obtained her doctorate at University College London. , but to join the conservative ranks later in life and enter the political arena fully. She obtained her seat in 2010, after trying twice, unsuccessfully, for her entry into the European Parliament. Daughter of Thomas and Alice, both teachers, she was born in Ince, a town in Lancashire in 1971, and received a Catholic and private education in schools in Liverpool and Wales of which she is proud, and even, according to ‘The Times’, in he once missed a parliamentary vote because he was at mass in the Parliament chapel. Her religious beliefs are why she is anti-abortion and she also voted against gay marriage at the time. Single and very close to her family, this week she was in the news again, although not for a good reason, but because some Tories fell asleep during her speech at the party congress.

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