Thursday, October 21

Britney Spears’ Father Says “No Reason” for Removal of Guardianship | Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ father said in a court file Friday that “there is no reason” to remove him from the conservatorship that controls his money and affairs, a day after the singer’s new attorney requested a hearing to suspend James Spears. of the agreement.

James Spears “has faithfully and obediently served as guardian of his daughter’s estate without any flaws in his record,” his presentation reads.

The James Spears filing also says court-appointed professional Jodi Montgomery, who oversees Britney Spears’ life decisions while her father manages his money, called him, distraught, last month and sought his help with health issues. mental of your daughter.

But Montgomery and his attorney said in response that James Spears “misrepresented and manipulated” the call to use it for his own benefit.

James Spears said they discussed the possibility of hospitalizing Britney Spears on emergency psychiatric hold. Spears has argued that her father should be charged with “abuse of guardianship.”

Montgomery acknowledged, in a statement through her attorney Lauriann Wright, having concerns about Britney Spears’ behavior and mental health, but said the resignation of James Spears would only help.

James Spears ‘filing came in response to court documents filed Thursday by Britney Spears’ new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, who requested an emergency hearing as soon as possible to suspend him from guardianship.

James Spears said Rosengart “does not (and cannot) specify what the infraction is” to cause such a suspension.

James Spears stepped aside from the part of the guardianship that controls his daughter’s life decisions in 2019, with Montgomery taking over, though his official status remains temporary.

The allegations made by Britney Spears at the June and July hearings that appear to have prompted Rosengart’s call for her father’s removal, including “serious allegations of forced medical treatment and therapy, inadequate medical care, and limitations on personal rights,” they are not “proven”. and they involve issues that have long been Montgomery’s responsibility, not his, said Jamie Spears’s presentation.

James Spears says the call for his urgent removal is “ironic” considering the call he received from Montgomery on July 9.

“Millisecond. Montgomery sounded very distressed and expressed how concerned she was about the recent behavior of my daughters and mental health in general,” said James Spears in a personal statement included in his court file.

“Millisecond. Montgomery explained that my daughter was not taking her medications in a timely or proper manner, was not listening to the recommendations of her medical team, and refused even to see some of her doctors. Ms. Montgomery said she was very concerned about the direction my daughter was headed and directly asked me for help in addressing these issues. “

But Montgomery’s subsequent statement said: “The fact that her father Jamie Spears continues to serve as her guardian rather than a neutral professional fiduciary is having a serious impact on Ms. Spears’ mental health.”

At no point during the phone call did Montgomery suggest that Britney Spears qualify for a psychiatric suspension, according to the statement.

Montgomery reached out to Jamie Spears because she was concerned that an investigation into the Britney Spears allegations, which he was seeking, would be detrimental to her, she further argued.

The fight between those involved in the guardianship has grown increasingly heated and increasingly public, since Spears’ dramatic testimony in a June 23 hearing when she told a judge, “I just want my life back.”

A hearing to address Rosengart’s petition to remove James Spears is scheduled for Sept. 29, unless the judge grants his request to hold one sooner.

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